This is the simplified tech rider for The Magic of Lyn. (MOL) We have put together this tech package to be able play small venues that may not be able to accommodate our full rider.  Please provide the following:

  1. A clean and clear stage 30’ x 16’ and wings with masking.  If masking is not available, Lyn travels with her own pipe and drape.  Wing space should be minimally 12' x 18'.  If wing space is tight, we can trim the stage with the act curtain to provide more room.
  2. A minimum of 4 (and ideally 6) separate 20 amp circuits within 75’ of the stage.
  3. A general stage lighting wash covering the entire stage.  See page 3 for lighting notes.
  4. If you can provide any of the following additional lighting, it would be appreciated:
    1. For specials, 1 downstage center, 1 midstage center, 1 stage right,), from front of house – 1 center focused on midstage.
    2. Top light system with no color/pale pink, red, and blue and broken down by electric and a midstage centerline downlight.
    3. “Far Cyc” lights in no color/amber, red, and blue.
    4. High sides- 3 pairs on 1st electric, 2 pairs on 2nd electric.  1 pair hot pink, 1 pair blue/green, and the odd pair on 1st electric deep purple
  5. 1 follow spot with a medium blue gel.
  6. Light board to control lighting system, ideally able to program cues or submasters.
  7. 1 table backstage
  8. Control of house lights.


  1. 7-hours of time before doors open to load-in and tech show.  Any crew available to assist with load-in and load-out would be appreciated.
  2. Upon arrival, access to all technical items- light board, lighting positions, fly rail system, ladders/lifts, and dressing rooms, and 1 person familiar with the facility with decision-making authority.
  3. 1 hour after load-in time, 1 lighting technician with full knowledge of the lighting board and to run board during performance
  4. 1 hour prior to curtain, 1 follow spot operator if applicable.
  5. Load-out (including post-show meal break) takes approximately 2 – 2 1/2  hours.  Crew to assist with load-out is greatly appreciated.
  6. Parking at the venue for MOL’s tour truck which measures 35’ long and 12’ high.


  1. DOES NOT APPLY - 3 non-smoking hotel rooms (2 singles, 1 double) with internet and breakfast, with 1 of the single rooms to allow animals (3 caged show birds) There must also be parking for MOL’s tour truck at the hotel.
  2. Coffee with cream, almond milk and sugar, cold beverages (water, G2 Gatorade, juices) and a small variety of munchies (muffins, cookies, breakfast bars) for Lyn and her crew of 3 provided upon our arrival and refreshed during the day.
  3. 1 small deli platter provided 2 hours into the call.
  4. Because of the late start time, 1 hot meal provided for Lyn and her crew after the show- details of the meal to be discussed with MOL’s technical director.
  5. 2 dressing rooms with private bathrooms with working sinks and mirrors.


  1. MOL uses the following for the show:  a haze machine and the follow effects: 1 small hand-held flash igniter that produces a 1’ high
  2. In the event that the weather is very hot and the venue is not air-conditioned, please provide a total of 3 medium fans.


MOL normally has a tour light plot.  If you would like to use it and have an ETC board in the Express/Expression line, I can forward the lighting information to you, including the show file/lighting cue file.  This is strictly a luxury item.  Lyn also travels with her own robotic lights which are programmed and operated by her crew. 

To speed up our tech, if you have a lighting board with submasters and can load channels onto submasters prior to our arrival, that would be a great help.   But please at least have a channel cheat sheet available.


MOL carries a small sound system suitable for most auditoriums up to 1200 seats and controlled from backstage.  However, if you know from experience that it is best to tie into a house PA (for instance, if you have a balcony), please provide MOL with 2 XLR cables and we will arrange for a time for your sound engineer to arrive.