1. A ready room must be provided by Client. Office spaces or conference rooms are ideal. Bathrooms and locker rooms are unacceptable. If a green room is not reserved upon our arrival and causes a delay in the start of the performance, FUN Enterprises, Inc. is not responsible for delay and will perform only until contracted time.
    1. The PRIVATE UNISEX room must be private and be equipped with:  Tables (4-5 Feet. in length) chairs, a trash can, ample water.
    2. The room should be in close proximity to a bathroom.
    3. If the performance location does not have a suitable ready room, Client must inform FUN Enterprises, Inc.  prior to event date. FUN Enterprises, Inc. will bring collapsible screens to create a private ready space. For this, the Client will be charged an additional fee of $100.
  2. When conducting outdoor site planning, Client should take the sun into consideration and not place performers facing sunlight or close to speakers. Shady areas are preferred. When conducting indoor site planning, Client should take lighting in consideration and plan on placing performers in a well-lit area.
  3. FUN Enterprises, Inc. may require shortened performance intervals due to extreme wind, cold, rain, or high heat and humidity. FUN Enterprises, Inc. may cancel performance or cut short performance if performer is unable to perform or complete performance if an alternative suitable location can be supplied to offer relief from weather conditions.
  4. FUN Enterprises, Inc. reserves the right to substitute performers or offer substitutions due to illness or unforeseen circumstances. Client should be aware that individual performer’s appearances and slight costume differences may differ from sample photos as a result of specific performer casting.
  5. Client is responsible for behavior of guests in relation to our performers. Guests behaving disrespectfully or inappropriately to our employees may result in temporary cessation of the performance until issue is resolved. In the event that the issue is not resolved, performance will stop and a refund will not be offered.
  6. FUN Enterprises, Inc. will remove all props and bases at end of scheduled performance times. If FUN Enterprises, Inc. is not allowed to remove props and bases, a fee of $500 will be charged to the client.
  7. Client is responsible for damage to our equipment through the negligence of volunteers, staff, other performers or guests.
  8. FUN Enterprises, Inc. should be provided with detailed information on location's load-in procedure prior to event.
  9. FUN Enterprises, Inc. arrives on-site 2 hours prior to performance start time.
  10. Client is responsible to provide on-site contact person to greet FUN Enterprises, Inc. upon arrival.
  11. FUN Enterprises, Inc. will arrive with performer(s), and always at least one producer. Name and phone number of the producer will be provided by FUN Enterprises, Inc. prior to event.
  12. Client should provide box lunch or suitable vendor meal for events 3hrs or more.
  13. We request no ham or pork cold cut sandwiches. Preference is turkey or grilled chicken sandwiches, or other salads, pastas or standard guest catered meal.
  14. For performances lasting three hours or more, a break schedule will be agreed upon between performer, producer, and Client. A continuous three hours period of performance requires 20 minutes.
  15. Any parking fees imposed on FUN Enterprises, Inc. due to the event must be paid for by the Client.
  16. Any breach of the terms and conditions of this rider is a breach of the contract and may cause FUN Enterprises, Inc. to refuse to perform without releasing the Client from his/her obligation to pay FUN Enterprises, Inc.
  17. RAINDATE POLICY: To set aside a rain date for your event, 20% off the total original quote will be charged to the original order. This fee is non-refundable regardless if rain date is used. We must be notified by five hours prior the booked time on the original date if rain date is to be used. Second date will be billed in full regardless of weather.