1. Staging. A platform, stage or riser at one end of long room, not along the long wall. The stage needs to be a minimum of 12’ deep x 16’ wide. Staging sections must be structurally sound and securely fastened to one another to avoid separation during performance. If height is over 8” one stair section must be provided in front of the stage. Audience must be in front of stage area. Artist should not have a dance floor between him and the audience.
  2. Lighting. A minimum of a General Wash of the FRONT of the stage area is required.
  3. Sound. Professionally quality sound system appropriate for the size of audience and venue. Professional quality sound system should include one lavaliere microphone, one wireless microphone and one microphone stand. One sound technician for set-up, rehearsal and during show run.
  4. On Stage. One 36” round, dressed and draped table, one stool and one pitcher of water with one glass.
  5. Dressing Room. A separate, private room with mirror near the performing area for changing clothes- restrooms are not acceptable for changing.
  6. Directions. Directions and map to facility from the nearest major highway.
  7. Hospitality. A light meal and non-alcoholic beverages, backstage, separate from guest would be appreciated.