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I was just thinking…

June 26th, 2019 by Kenneth Abrahams

Years ago, in one of our newsletters, I put in a piece called “Everyone’s entitled to my opinion.” Luckily, most people took it in the spirit that it was intended, very tongue in cheek. There are times when I simply need to get some of the clutter out of my brain and what better way to do it than dump it on all of you. These are in no particular order, my apologies to anyone that I offend.


Calling something a guilty pleasure takes the fun out of it. If I feel guilty, how can I enjoy it?

Who is actually reading printed newspapers these days? They are expensive and small.


Speaking of newspapers, is there such a thing as journalistic integrity anymore?

When we paint a generation with a broad brush of generalities, we do them and ourselves a disservice. By the way, it happens to and by almost every generation.


When are hot dog manufactures and bun bakers going to get together and agree on a number? It is stupid to buy 6 hot dogs and 8 rolls.


As a society we need to do more for our service men and women and first responders. Thanks for the wakeup call Jon Stewart.


Why do we still call politicians public servants when they really serve themselves and their party?


Think this is a new problem read Charley Reese’s column from the mid 1980’s.


Where did we come up with the phrase “thinking out of the box”? Who put us in the box to begin with? Don’t like that expression.


Another expression I am not a fan of is the “AH HA moment.”  Now, if when someone had one of those a lightbulb appeared over their heads, I would feel totally different.


I have met some incredible individuals who are millennials and members of Gen Z. They are smart, caring individuals with amazing work ethics. I am excited to see what they can accomplish.


Columnist Art Buchwald during the University of Southern California Graduation said, “My message to you today is that we, the older generation, have given you a perfect world — so don’t screw it up.” Our message now should be “we, the older generations, have screwed up the world, please fix it.”



Not a big fan of Rhode Island or Manhattan clam chowder. Chowder is cream based, sorry guys.


It is a shame that we do not understand how great our parents are until they are gone, either physically, mentally or both. I stand here guilty as charged.


Colleges used to be creative, fun, innovative places. I wonder if they still are today.


Someone told me, not long ago, that I needed to step up my social media game. Thanks, but I am fine where I am. I want to live life, often out of the public eye, and nobody really needs to know what I had for dinner or when I went to bed.


That being said, I do enjoy seeing what people that I knew years ago are up to. It has helped me connect with some old friends from the past.


Fenway Park has a certain charm but I have been in a number of ballparks that are modern and offer a better fan experience.


Recently, I met a 20-something that talked about items on their “Bucket List.” Sorry folks, that is just too young.


What happened to the days when the standard of what got brought to a teacher’s attention had to be dangerous and destructive?

Parents of college students, I beg you please, do not call the office of the president and complain there is nothing for your child to do on campus. Call me instead, I have some thoughts on this matter.


Why is Spam (the ham like meat product) so popular in Hawaii?


When are people going to realize that reality TV is like professional wrestling, there is little real about it?


Wouldn’t it be great if when people are talking about diversity and inclusion, they actually embraced people with divergent points of view, even if they find them distasteful?


One TED Talk worth watching is Ric Elias talking about being on the plane going into the Hudson. It is five minutes you won’t forget. Well worth taking the time.


D-Day remembrances are even more poignant when they have survivors there. In a few years, none of those men will be left. It is hard to imagine this world without our World War II vets.


Why do I always arrive at the doctor’s office early so they can see me well past the time of my appointment. Might I suggest two classes for med schools, one on handwriting and the other on reading a time piece.


Do we really need to be able to get McDonalds delivered right to our doorstep? Drive through is now inconvenient?


Why hold a grudge? Most of us do it, what is the point?


Very happy that my younger son truly loves baseball. There is no better way to spend a summer evening than watching a game at any level. Yes, even little league.


I love the fact that NASA wants to put a woman on the moon by 2024. Clearly, there are many qualified women and, honestly, it is time we went back there. 


Why are we still trying to legislate who we should marry and who we should love? People love who they love, shouldn’t we wish for people to find true love and companionship however that looks?


I have often thought of running for office but could never put myself or my family through that.


You may not agree with some of what you read here and I am okay with that.


What is the purpose of all of this? Hopefully it made you laugh, think and perhaps made you a little uncomfortable. That, my friends, is the definition of life. Take time to identify and understand what is really important.


About the author: Ken Abrahams is by no means a professional writer or philosopher. In fact, in college his freshman Philosophy professor wrote on one of the papers he turned in, that if he knew the first thing about reading or writing, it was not evident from that paper. Hopefully he has gotten a little better.


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