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Corporate Resolutions? 

January 8th, 2019 by Kenneth Abrahams

work resolution inspiration

New Years Resolution’s are pretty commonplace. Many of us vow to lose weight, exercise more, see family and friends on a regular basis, or keep our desks or houses cleaner.  The list can be endless, but what about corporations?  Should corporations think about getting in on the resolution business? My feeling is, why not? Below are just a few ideas on areas where corporations can make a big difference. So, resolve to:


  1. Improve your relationship with your team members: There are several ways that this can be done with very little financial impact. 
  1. Simply ask for their input. Research on this is very clear, often people leave organizations because they do not feel valued. Asking team members for their opinion makes them feel included and they will be far more likely to champion the organization than trash or leave it. Without any cost to the company, you have made them a valued part of your organization. 
  2. Recognize birthdays, anniversaries, births, marriages, home ownership and other signature life events. This can be done with something as simple as a card or a few scratch tickets. Balloons or a lunch are always a nice touch even if they are a simple low-cost affair. It truly is the thought that counts. 
  3. The occasional pot luck meal is another way to rally the troops. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t like a good meal. Many people really enjoy cooking for others but if you don’t have the time, muffins and bagels in the morning break room or a deli platter at lunch tells your team you appreciate them. 
  4. When things are slow consider giving people a day or afternoon off with pay. Acknowledgement for significant accomplishments like a big sale or landing a new client goes a long way.
  1. Be better neighbors: Get engaged in the city or town where your company lives. Become active in the community. For a minimal investment you can support a little league or traveling basketball team. Corporate involvement in companies is important.
  2. Help those less fortunate: You need only to watch five minutes of a local or national newscast to see the enormous need that is out there. Devastation from floods, fires and other natural disasters, to the homeless and domestic violence sufferers - there is an enormous gap between what these issues have for resources and the costs they absorb. Everybody remembers these groups around the holidays, but their need knows no season. Whatever you can offer goes a long way.
  3. Operate more efficiently: Whether it is getting things done in a shorter period or using fewer resources, there are several ways that we can reduce, reuse, and recycle. Whether you believe in Global Warming or not, we can all do more with less. We are lucky to live in a country where many of us rarely have to think about things like this, although there are plenty of people that must.


In general, it is not a bad idea for companies/corporations to re-examine their mission and their values and determine if they are in fact the organization that they set out to be. Is your company on the path you wanted? If not, the first of the year is a good opportunity to get you back on track.

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