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Finding The Training That’s Right For Your Staff

May 1st, 2018

With summer right around the corner, many companies are beginning to take a closer look at what their annual training will consist of this year. The summer season is a popular time for a department-wide or company-wide training or outing. While companies of all sizes and from all industries may be planning training around the same time, there is no one-size-fits-all agenda. When starting the planning process, it’s important to consider things like how many people will be in attendance, how long will the training last (one day or several days, full days or half days), where will the training take place, what are the job functions of the attendees, and most importantly, what do you hope to get out of it.

There is a countless number of training types that can be determined by answering these types of questions. Below are a few of the most popular scenarios, and some beneficial topics to consider.


The Seasoned Staff Training

Is your staff full of professionals who have been in the field or even at your company for 10+ years? Do you have an “if it’s not broken don’t fix it” mentality?  Even the most experienced professionals can benefit from the right type of annual training.

With seasoned pros, focus training on learning trends that have emerged in your industry or general business best practices that are continuously evolving, like diversity and inclusion or emotional intelligence. Maybe you should focus on finding ways to increase motivation or unlock your team’s creativity to spark new ideas and generate new opportunities.


The Onboarding Training

Does your company have a lot of new hires directly after college graduation season? Go beyond the typical orientation to welcome new faces to the team and create an inclusive environment.

With a staff that is a mix of new hires and veterans, consider focusing on icebreakers or understanding temperament. We’re not just talking about some silly game to learn everyone’s name – icebreakers can be powerful tools that quickly integrate new staff and strengthen connections with existing team members.  

Temperament refers to a person’s personality, most commonly whether they are an extrovert or introvert. Learning the makeup of your group and ways in which those with varying personalities can work together is an important step to building a successful team.


The Professional Development Training

Providing employees an opportunity to improve or learn new transferable skills benefits both the employee and the organization as a whole. There are so many transferable skills, also known as soft skills, which can be addressed during a training session that are universal to all industries. Things like time management, communication, research, or leadership may not seem like things you need to host training for, but these are important skills that can get rusty over time if not given proper attention.

Whether it is brushing up the most effective ways to manage large groups, learning to deal with conflict in the workplace, or navigating tough conversations, consider the skills on your team that could use some strengthening and dedicate time to working on them.


The Strategic Thinker Training – goal setting and planning

Does your staff have a clear vision of what the upcoming year is going to look like? Do you often have tasks of your organization completed in advance, or do you find things getting done at the last minute? Annual training is a great time to get everyone on the same page and set clear expectations for the year ahead. Use this time to set realistic goals, plan upcoming projects, and establish ways in which to measure your success.

Individual goals should not be created in a silo, especially if others need to be involved to accomplish those goals. Allow your team to think creatively together in order to develop a strong foundation to build your year on.


The Team Builder Training

Does your team need a little fun? Team builder training is a great way to provide an entertaining afternoon for your staff while also improving comradery and strengthening the bond between your staff members.

Events like Survey Says, Game Show Mania, Sink or Swim, or In It to Win It are so much fun your staff will forget they are in a training session. These games are designed to encourage your team to work together towards a common goal.

Ready to start planning? Whether you are looking for an outside consultant to lead your training or simply want to discuss your ideas, we’re here to help!


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