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Plain English Spoken Here

March 12th, 2018

Recently I received the email below. Not wanting to bore you, I’ve only included the opening paragraph:

Hello Ken,

We are based in New York with expertise across top technologies like WordPress, Magento, Joomla, Drupal, PHP based Frameworks (Laravel, Codeignitor, Zend) and front-end technologies like HTML5, Bootstrap, AngularJS, nodeJS & Sass. 

That was the opening paragraph and I’m sure whoever wrote it thought that it would elicit an immediate response and it did just that, I immediately deleted the email. One thing that I am fairly certain of is that if I really understood all of those platforms and the tech-speak that filled the email, I wouldn’t need them to create and maintain a website—I could do it myself.

Over the last few years, I have been inundated with sales videos and articles that talk about value-added propositions; a concept that I embrace wholeheartedly. At the risk of making the same mistake the author of the now deleted email, allow me to explain. Your value added proposition is a fancy way to state the benefits of working with you to the person on the other end of the conversation. What problems can you solve or, in short, what value do you bring to the table?

Maybe the writer’s intent in using all of the tech speak was to impress me with their vast knowledge base or maybe it was to make me feel ill-equipped to handle something as complicated as web design. Regardless of the reason, I’m sure the outcome was not what they had hoped for.

Although, it did get me thinking about our organization. When we send out promotional information we don’t talk about the dye sublimation processes we use to put photos on a wide range of products. There are no details as to the tablets we use when drawing digital caricatures or lengthy descriptions of how our Graphic Designer personalizes our programs for events. Our main focus as a company is to address the concerns that you, our clients, have about your event.  You don’t really need to know the how, just that it will be taken care of.

In today’s world, most of us at one time or another make assumptions. One assumption that we make as a company is that no two events are alike. We have done hundreds of college family weekends over the years and even if it’s the same school the event is never the same. Themes change, venues change, staff changes, students’ needs change, and what parents want change. If we simply put ourselves on autopilot and rolled out the same stuff year after year we would be doing our clients a disservice. We have good technology along with a fantastic staff, but it is moot if we don’t listen to what our client need.

If you are planning an event, regardless of the size or scope, contact us. We speak in plain English so that you will understand what we are going to do and, if you really want to know, how we are going to do it. There will be no effort to impress or wow you with industry jargon and tech speak. Unlike what NASA does this isn’t rocket science, but it can be confusing for some. Missteps in the process can cost you money and send you down the wrong path, which can make your event much more stressful. We all know that stress leads to sleepless nights and the occasional sour stomach and nobody wants that. So call us, because plain English is spoken around here.

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