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So you went to the NACA Conference… now what?

February 21st, 2018 by Amanda Bradley

NACA Convention

There is always a lot of excitement leading up to and during any NACA conference. With so many great education sessions, vendors, and performers jammed into a few days, it will easily be some of your favorite and entertaining days of the year.

After running on excitement, adrenalin, and coffee for a few days, we don’t blame you for wanting to take a break when you get back to campus. After you recoup and get back to the office, what do you plan to do with everything you experienced?

While it’s important to rest and recharge, our most valuable advise is to keep the momentum going and don’t let the time, energy, and money you spent at NACA go to waste. Here are our top tips for making the most of your NACA experience:

Debrief with your executive board

If you planned ahead and split up the education sessions and vendors with your staff, it’s important to share your new knowledge with the group. Even if an education session you attended or a vendor you spoke with wasn’t that interesting to you, it might be to a member of your team. If you did get a lot out of the experience – that’s great! Just think about how much it could benefit your organization if you share that positive encounter. 

Share with your general council

Even if your school is fortunate enough to send the entire executive board to NACA, there are still important members of your organization who stayed behind at campus. After debriefing with your executive board, make a list of key highlights you can share at your next general council meeting. Doing so will allow your general members to feel more connected to the organization, can spark some ideas that your executive board might not have thought of, and potentially even inspire some members to run for an executive position in the future.

Narrow down your top choices

The laundry list of great ideas you went home with can be overwhelming. You most likely have way more ideas than you can afford to carry out and will need to make some decisions. Take a look at what events have been successful and not-so-successful over the last few years. Are there things on your list that someone already tried recently? Are certain ideas more feasible and cost-effective than others? Work with others in your organization to narrow down the list to what can actually be executed in the near future.

Reach out to the vendor before it’s too late

A lot of vendors offer special deals to NACA attendees at the conference. Once you have selected programs or performers you would like to book, reach out as soon as possible to make sure you capitalize on the reduced pricing before it expires. It’s important to keep in mind that many other schools were also just introduced to this program or performer and are equally excited about it. Make sure to contact the vendor as soon as you are ready to secure the date you want before it’s sold out.

Make plans for mid-semester training

Did you learn anything at an education session that could really benefit your organization? Don’t wait until summer or winter training to put it into practice. Schedule a mid-semester professional development now so that you can start implementing new best practices for this school year.

Summarize your notes for your successor

Most executive positions change every year. While you might not be able to implement all of your great ideas this semester, you never know who could benefit from your notes in the upcoming years. Save your notes in a shared file so that individuals who fill your role in the future can access them. Provide as much detail as possible and translate your notes in a way that make sense to someone who didn’t attend the conference.

We hope you enjoyed your NACA experience. If you are interested in discussing any of the programs, performers, or speakers from FUN Enterprises that you saw at NACA, give us a call! Don’t forget to ask about our monthly specials.

Happy planning!

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