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[PODCAST] “Your Office Is Built for Extroverts” on Hubspot’s The Growth Show

September 9th, 2017

Today, I am so pleased to share the recent episode of Hubspot’s The Growth Show that I recorded, ahead of my session at their INBOUND conference later this month.

I can’t believe I got to do this show, one that can also count Basecamp’s David Hansson, The Muse’s Kathryn Minshew, and Alec Baldwin among its guests. I mean, really? Me? But I overcame the nerves (I think) to chat with host Meghan Keaney Anderson about how temperament shows up at work, what we can do to level the playing field, and how creativity fits into that conversation. I share a few stories from my family and online…and I manage, as always, to bring up Hamilton 

This post comes from Amma Marfo, one of our speakers and facilitators with SPEAK Educators. If you'd like to learn more about this or bring this topic to your campus, please contact us!

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