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Feeling left out in the cold?

September 7th, 2017

Do you ever feel left out in the cold?  Perhaps you’ve purchased something that fell apart after minimal use and have been denied a replacement, or you purchased a service that wasn’t what you were promised and were left feeling dissatisfied?  Maybe you’ve spent so much time on these things that they no longer are worth the effort. Regardless of the issue, we’ve all had those experiences a time or two that left us feeling out in the cold.  

Several years ago, my wife purchased a brand-new refrigerator from a local appliance store. It was a Frigidaire and we bought it because the store recommended the brand and the model. In less than two years, we started having major problems with the ice maker in the unit. After an attempt to fix it failed, the company we bought it from suggested we call Frigidaire, which I did, several times. During this whole thing, I can’t begin to count the number of times I received an apology. Starting with the company that we bought the refrigerator from, to a half dozen customer services reps and supervisors from Frigidaire, but that was always followed with “there is nothing we can do about it.” Evidently, our fridge is too old. Who knew that a 33-month old refrigerator is antiquated, and we didn’t purchase the extended warranty. What happened to having pride in what you manufacture and sell?

Being told we can’t help you is not something anyone wants to hear. I usually try to take my firsthand experiences, whether they be good or bad, and adapt them into creating better client relationships here at FUN Enterprises.

One of the first things that everyone needs to know about FUN is that we try to treat every person that does business with us as special. For years we have used the tagline “Our best event is yours.” That is not a slogan but a philosophy. When we are working at an event, no other event is more special or important to us. We start by thinking of you as clients and not customers. A customer is a transactional relationship. For example, you are in a city that you have never been before, and probably never will be again, and you go to the store for some peanut butter, bread, and jelly. You had the clerk your money and off you go, never to be seen or thought about again. Our view is a different and better way of looking at the relationship. We feel our clients are under our care and protection for the long haul. We want these relationships to last for a long time so we form very strong bounds that often lead to great friendships.

As much as we would like to say we never have problems or issues at our events, that is not the case. There are times, due to technology, human error, traffic, or even Mother Nature that things go awry and jobs are impacted. When this happens our clients suffer. It may sound like I am being cavalier about this but nothing is further from the truth. There is nothing that causes me more sleepless nights than when there are problems at jobs. Nobody likes to pick up the phone and call that client when you know someone showed up late, didn’t show up at all, or equipment failed on a job. Those calls are almost always first on the docket when you arrive at the office. Despite being difficult calls to make, we need our clients to know that we care about what happened; that we are aware of the issue and are looking into finding a resolution. Unlike many in our industry, our solution is rarely to use the old “well next time we do an event for you we will make it up to you” line. We try and find a solution now. Something that the client is satisfied with, whether it is an additional event that we provide later or a full or partial refund. We also empower our client services people with the latitude to negotiate those things out on behalf of the company, so they don’t have to tell the individual on the other end of the phone, who is already disappointed or upset, that we will need to get back to them.

If you are a client of FUN Enterprises, Inc., regardless of how much or how little you spend, here are some guarantees that I will give you:

  1. You are very important to us.
  2. If there is an issue we will resolve it.
  3. We will do our level best to make you happy.
  4. We won’t duck your calls, even if there is a problem. In fact, we will probably call you first.
  5. If you want to speak to one of the owners, we will gladly take your call.
  6. If the issue involves a third-party vendor that we have subcontracted to you, you will deal with us and we will deal with that vendor. We will always honor an agreement with you despite any third-party negotiations. In other words, if we offer you a discount or a refund and the third party wants full payment, we will not be looking to you for that payment.
  7. We are always trying to improve what we do and how we do it.

We do make mistakes but we like to think that how we respond to those mistakes is what separates us form some of the competition and makes us a good organization to partner with. We won’t leave you feeling out in the cold!

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