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[PODCAST] #JPSPEAKS Season 2 Premiere: Cultivating Creativity as a Social Justice Advocate

August 28th, 2017

Click on the image to hear me on the #JPSPEAKS season 2 premiere!

This week, I share a podcast that I recorded with Jamie Piperato of JPHigherEd about the case for creativity as a tool for equity and inclusion.

I always really enjoy talking with Jamie- she is insightful, hardworking, and relentlessly dedicated to creating a more socially just world. By founding JPHigherEd and continuing to find new ways to hold and advance these conversations, she embodies so many of the traits and elements of the Cultivating Creativity manifesto. So it was a pleasure to talk about how my pursuits and hers dovetail so nicely.

Head to JPHigherEd for our conversation, and give back episodes a listen! You’ll learn so much! And huge thanks again to Jamie for such a fantastic chat. Always a pleasure .


This post comes from Amma Marfo, one of our speakers and facilitators with SPEAK Educators. If you'd like to learn more about this or bring this topic to your campus, please contact us!

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