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Walk Forrest Walk

July 21st, 2020 by Kenneth Abrahams

Some of you may be too young to remember the movie Forrest Gump but most know the line Run Forrest Run! If you don’t remember or haven’t seen the movie, I recommend you buy it, rent it, or stream it, well worth the time and the money. Like many of you, my pre-pandemic life was pretty predictable. Get up, put the dog out, feed the dog, put the dog back outside, shower, dress, go to work, then the gym, home, dinner a little television, read, bed, wash, rinse, repeat. In other words, a pretty boring existence. By March 17th things looked drastically different. Traffic was a distant memory and I, like many of you, was working from home. Shortly after I started working at home, my gym, like most of them, closed their doors and put a small sign out saying closed until further notice. As many of you know, I have struggled with my weight most of my life so not exercising was not an option, neither was building a gym in my house so walking became the only option. Now, every morning I walk my dog and every evening I go out by myself or my wife comes with me. Keep in mind that I love my dog but a conversationalist he is not so I take keen mental notes on what is happening in the various neighborhoods I traipse through. Yes, I understand that some of this sounds a little like a stalker but I can’t help what goes through my mind.

Met a woman with a huge Pitbull, his name is Roadblock. Dog absolutely fits his name.

Shocking the number of people that leave ladders set up or propped up near their houses.

Graduation lawn signs are here to stay, but are we really that proud of our kid “graduating” from 4th grade? When did that become a thing?

One thing that shocked me and actually stopped me in my tracks was a lawn care company truck that I saw on one of my early morning jaunts with my dog. On the door of the truck cab was the word Lynch then a picture of a tree followed by the word tree. Political correctness is not one of my core values but the words are you kidding me immediately went through my mind. Doing a little research revealed the company was founded in 1980. Even 40 years ago this was not and is not okay.

Love the fact that some people have set up little sitting areas in front of their houses, some right on their driveways. It isn’t just a couple of chairs either, some have little tables with plants others even have lighting and decorations.

Many people this year have set up vegetable gardens., For some, it is clear that they have been doing it for years while others are new to the game. We have seen gardens in every shape, size and vessel. Raised beds in the front of the house, window boxes, potted tomatoes, and the odd old oak barrel garden.

Lawns are something that I take special note of and the differences between them is astonishing. Some homes have beautiful gardens but lawns that are neglected or overgrown. Others mow their lawns in sections, one day the front, a few days later the sides, and a few days later the back, then the cycle repeats itself.

Going for walks was a lot more fun early on in the Coronavirus crisis the streets were free of traffic and it was quiet and peaceful. As time has gone on and there is more traffic, it makes my dog much more jittery.

Is it just me or did others not realize that those cement / plaster animal statues are very popular? As we walk we see any number of them. For whatever reason rabbits and turtles are the most popular but there is a wide selection including birds, handmaidens, dogs, frogs and one family that has a mother sheep and her 2 babies.

Black Lives Matter signs are giving way to more of the Social Justice signs:


Despite a pandemic, real estate continues to be a very busy industry. Houses are being put on the market and then sold at an alarming rate.

People have done some incredible things with their homes during this. We have seen house get painted, gutted, renovated, new roofs, new windows, new sidings, new patios, porches, decks and fences have been springing up all over the place.

I noticed early on kids playing outside a lot more but as soon as school officially ended haven’t seen them anywhere near as much.

It appears that some parents go for walks just to get away from the craziness of the household. I have seen people walk around the block clutching their cell phones texting or talking the entire time out of the house. Some even find a wall or a tree stump and sit right down as soon as they are out of eyesight of their house and kids.

One of our neighbors, when he mows his lawn, he mows the tree lawns (that little strip of lawn between the sidewalk and the street) for three of his neighbors.

Shocking that people with pools often have gates that are not locked some of them have gates not even closed or broken.

As we walk along, I am often struck, not only by what people leave out on the curb with a sign on it saying free, but how long they leave it out for. How many rainstorms are too many to leave poorly made wooden furniture out that is beginning to warp, sag and almost disintegrate before your eyes?

Maybe I have heard too many horror stories or have attended too many identity theft lectures but I’m not sure how comfortable I would be with a lawn sign that has my kids full name, high school and year of graduation placed in front of the home they currently reside in. That is too much info for me to be comfortable with.

Did you ever notice the number of families with more than 1 car have 2 or more of the same make? Seems especially popular with Jeeps.

Why would somebody hang 3 small mirror balls (think 1970’s disco era) outside of their screened in porch?

What all of this has made me realize is that over the years I have become less observant. My life is on a kind of auto pilot and this break has gotten me to stop and, literally, smell the flowers. Like many of you, I was excited when the gyms opened back up until I went and really did not feel safe. So, for now I will be wandering the streets of my little town looking for new paths and cut throughs, waving to some of the same people on a daily basis and keeping my dog away from all the other dogs that make him nervous. Do yourselves a favor and take a stroll.

About the Author – Ken Abrahams is the CBO Chief Blog Officer of FUN Enterprises. Since the pandemic began many of the blogs have been what has been going on with him or what he is thinking. He greatly appreciates you reading his blogs. To contact him directly email him at [email protected]. For other blog posts go to www.funent.com/blog.

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