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I Was Just Thinking – Random Thoughts While Working From Home

March 30th, 2020 by Kenneth Abrahams

All of you are probably sick of Coronavirus talk and articles. Trust me, I tried to come up with something that discussed life after all this that was more positive, but my head is full of lots of random thoughts so here goes.


Thanks to all the first responders and healthcare workers who are on the frontlines during this. We appreciate all that you are doing while putting yourselves and your families at risk.


Although they are not treating people, thank you to all the folks that are keeping stores open while putting themselves in harm’s way. Thank you for what you are doing.


My heart goes out to folks that have lost family members and can’t grieve together.


Although most, if not all, of us have been inconvenienced, I feel far worse for people that have had major events canceled like weddings (including my son’s), bar and bat mitzvahs, engagement parties, bridal and baby showers, quinceaneras , honeymoons, and trips of a lifetime. For them, this is especially hard.


Seniors in high school and college that have had graduation and commencements put on hold, canceled or moved online  have missed out on a series of events and moments that are very special. 


Still trying to figure out why the shelves are barren of toilet paper, paper towels and disinfectant wipes after 9 AM every day. Two weeks in, one would think people realize they are still making this stuff.


What exactly are essential businesses? Every day I am out walking my dog, I see lawn care companies working on people’s yards. I did not realize that a green, perfectly manicured lawn was essential during a healthcare crisis.


It is troubling that there are people walking around with masks on and yet touching a number of surfaces and products with bare hands while hospitals struggle to get masks to treat the sick.


Wondering if Congress wasn’t getting paid if they would have figured out the rescue bill sooner?

Speaking of our political “leaders”, was anyone else struck by the fact that during the signing of this emergency measure there were a number of members of Congress standing shoulder to shoulder and that several people touched the pen the President used to sign the order? Social distancing??


As for the President, the fact that he said we will be back and open as a country by Easter shows a profound lack of understanding about what we are dealing with here.


It doesn’t matter to me, but a lot of people are happy that liquor stores are considered essential businesses.


So glad that people are still trying to support local businesses whenever possible. 


My dog is hoping that the gym opens soon, he is getting tired of being part of my exercise routine. At his age, he is good for a short walk, but 50 – 60 minutes he feels is excessive.


Why do news stations still have sports reports? Last night one station showed the Florida Derby Horse race because it was the first live sporting event in two weeks. The rest of the report, and I quote, “there is no news to report on Tom Brady”. Pretty sure I can live without that whole report.


Okay, who is flying these days? There are reports on the news from Logan Airport showing about 6 people roaming around an otherwise deserted facility.


On the bright side, there is a lot of creativity happening on how to do fun events plus stay connected during this time. Virtual coffee breaks, happy hours, facetime calls with friends are but a few things people have tried to stay in touch.


Businesses of all kinds are sharing information on relief options and best practices even with competitors.


Many businesses have shifted from sales and profit margins to being a resource to others.


Our staff and clients have been amazing during this time along with being incredibly supportive. Hard not to be positive when that many people are pulling for you.


There is an overwhelming sense that we will get through this. I believe that as well.


Photo by Johannes Plenio on Unsplash


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