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Hey, are you looking for FUN?!

August 11th, 2017

Hey, are you looking for FUN!!


Imagine standing at a T station (the public transit system in Massachusetts is the MBTA, often referred to as the T) when a cargo van slowly pulls up, the window rolls down, and an older gentleman yells out, “hey, are you looking for FUN?” Now this story is not about stranger danger or illicit activities, it is about Wayde Anders, the CFO of FUN Enterprises. On that particular day, he went to the T station to pick up a new perspective employee and shockingly enough, even after that introduction, they took a job with us.


For many people, Wayde Anders is simply the name on the bottom of a contract or a check. He is often thought of as the Enterprise part of FUN Enterprises, Inc. If you don’t know him, you might think of him as somewhat gruff, cranky, or acerbic. Actually, even if you do know him, you might think the same things. Wayde is one of the founding partners of the company and it is high time that people got to know him better. Despite his serious nature, which may be a result of his having to deal with the money, there are many other sides to Wayde that you may not know.


In his youth, and into adulthood, Wayde was an avid and accomplished golfer. One quirky aspect of Wayde’s personality is that he is not blessed with a great memory.  That being said, if you ask him any question about a golf course he has played his memory is almost photographic. He can describe in great detail where the green is located, how long the hole is, what par is for the hole, and where you need to place your tee shot. There are times when he can’t remember what he ate for breakfast but he can remember what he shot on certain courses that he played 40 years ago.


For all of his bark, there is an incredibly soft side to Wayde. All one needs to do is go to a gig where he is playing Santa (spoiler alert) and you will see it immediately. He truly embodies the Jolly Big Guy. He is very soft spoken when talking one-on-one with a child and thinks nothing of getting on the floor and playing with children, if that is what the situation calls for. Each and every year he is our most requested Santa. There are families that, for more than a decade, have had their kid’s photos taken on his lap. It is a role that he truly cherishes.


In the office, Wayde and Mark work very closely together. It would be hard to find two more different personality types. Mark is a pop culture enthusiast who loves social media and social interaction. While Wayde is far more reserved. Often, they fight like an old married couple, but at other times they seem to mesh seamlessly. Several years ago, for Wayde’s birthday, our staff (Donna in particular) created a Paper Mache Wayde head to use as decoration. Mark took great delight in wearing it around the office and even made a video of himself in the Wayde head. Wayde even made an appearance in the video.


We also have clients that absolutely love having Wayde on their jobs. He embodies the FUN customer or client centric approach. He usually shows up earlier than arrival time and does his absolute best to make sure that everyone is happy.


Now you know a little bit more about Wayde H. Anders. Here are a few additional fun facts:


Used to drive a VW Karmann Ghia – a small car for a tall guy!

Is married to AC in the office.

His middle name is Hatersly – also the name of Jill and Ken Abrahams first dog.

He was a skate guard working for the MDC.

Graduated from Salem State College – now university.

Finished second at the Mass Publinx Golf tournament.

Loves to take cruises for vacation.

Used to caddie at The Country Club in Brookline – his grandfather was the Caddie Master there.

Was a Marshall for the 199 Ryder Cup, held at the aforementioned Country Club.

Loves Sci – Fi.


If you ever get the chance have a conversation with our CFO, Wayde Anders, you won’t be disappointed.

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