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WOW That’s Really Old?!?!?!?!

May 31st, 2017

Several weeks ago, there were many sad faces at FUN Enterprises, Inc.’s World Headquarters. No nothing catastrophic happened, granted the weather was turning our schedule into a nightmare. The real issue was that our water cooler had died and there was no bottled water to be had. Fear not, Wayde sprang into action pulling a case of bottled water out of the backroom and crisis averted. Our water company sent a technician in the next day and he replaced the unit and all was right with the world. When he came in and looked at our cooler, he commented, “That is really old, it must be 3 or 4 years old.” Three or four years is “really old?” I have clothing older than that. When did three or four years become old?

Over the years, I have been in many of our clients’ homes and offices and, like most people, I often notice caricatures and pictures, some dating back a decade or more. They are a great way to chronicle moments in your life and the people that you share them with. It made me realize that sometimes “old” is okay.

Times have changed and we are now a culture that loves short and instantaneous. We communicate in bursts of 140 characters, post videos that disappear after they have been viewed and struggle to have face-to-face conversations. We are, as my mother would say, a country of planned obsolescence.

Of course, I am a throwback; our house is full of pictures. From where I am sitting writing this, I can see pictures of grandparents, kids, animals, friends, and vacations, which chronicle many of the stories of my life. There is no scrolling through hundreds of pictures on a phone, tablet, or computer. My photos are printed out and hung on the walls in our home to be shared with family and friends.

This is one of the really special parts about what I do for a living. I take and print photos for people; often on some of the best days of their lives. Whether it is a signature / milestone birthday, Bar or Bat Mitzvah, First Communion, graduation party, or company picnic it doesn’t matter, these are the times we remember. As I look at the photos I am surrounded by, I am amazed by how much people change as well as a bit nostalgic at how many are no longer with us. My in-laws wedding day, my son’s graduation from college, a camp drop off, my mom and two of her brothers are some of the images that adorn our walls. I have such wonderful memories of when many of the photos were taken but even better recollections of the people in them.

So, next time you are having one of those signature events make sure to get some pictures taken. Do me a favor, print a few of them, you won’t regret it. Old indeed – three or four years isn’t old. Do we look at a preschooler and say, “my word they are really getting up there in age?” Three or four years is just getting started. It’s a good thing that our photographs and memories last longer than those water coolers. If they didn’t, I would have little on the walls of my home and office to look at and think “Wow, that’s really old!”