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A few short stories, random thoughts and pet peeves.

January 26th, 2020 by Kenneth Abrahams

It is the end of January; the holidays are sliding into the rearview mirror along with some folks New Year’s Resolutions.  As we clean up the wrapping paper, I need to clear out a few things in the brain box. Fear not, I will not, again, complain about the whole hot dog and bun thing as there are much bigger issues to rant about. 


Recently, my wife, who leases her car, got a postcard from the leasing dealer letting her know that now may be a great time to trade in her car for a new lease or to buy a new car. We decided to drop into the dealer and see what they were offering. As we walked into the dealership a young man approached us and asked if we needed help. My wife pulled out the postcard and explained that we were coming in to see if a change at this time made sense. She said she was looking for a similar car but if there was a package with less options that would save her money she would be interested in that. He went to his manager and came back with the numbers and we were shocked. For a car that was two model years newer with less features the monthly cost was going to increase by more than $200, talk about sticker shock. My wife very politely said that she would need to think about it, that it was a lot of money. We got up to leave but he continued to explain the increased cost; cars had gone up in price, her mileage was high, newer car, and on and on. My wife pointed out that the postcard specifically talked about avoiding high mileage fees. Undaunted he pushed on repeating the things he had already told us several times. When my wife again responded that we needed to think about it his response was “well you really didn’t seem too interested anyway.” Lesson to salespeople--don’t say something boneheaded like that. Remember the only reason we came in the first place was because of the letter that you sent and NEVER assume you know what your clients or customers are thinking. 


Months ago, my son asked me if I would mind talking to a friend of his that graduated from the same college he did. He said the person wanted to talk to a few small business owners and entrepreneurs. It was my son asking so how could I refuse? It took some time but we finally connected and set a time to meet. When I got his email meeting invite, I realized he worked for an investment company. Just what I needed someone else trying to manage my meager investment portfolio, but it was for my son so I kept the meeting. When we started, he asked if I minded if someone else in the company joined on the call. He explained that he was still new. That was fine with me, as far as I was concerned it was going to be a short call. His co-worker got on the phone and he was awesome, the person that set up the meeting said nothing until the end when he said goodbye. They basically were looking to see if I was a fit as a client and if not, they were appreciative of my time but wouldn’t bother me again. Long story short, I am going to have them take a look at what I have. So yes, I am a sucker for a good sales pitch. 


It is the beginning of winter which means there will be ice, snow, and car windows will need to be scrapped. Apparently that last part escaped our neighbor as she backed out of her driveway and drove down the street with her head hanging out the window like Mayhem playing a Saint Bernard puppy in an Allstate commercial. Her windows totally iced over but fear not she could see…kind of. Believe me when I tell you, I waited a few minutes before I pulled out of my driveway. 


Recently I went to an event at the TD Bank Garden. They have cup/bottle holders in the men’s room by the urinals. Not sure how I feel about bringing my beverage into the bathroom but that is a great idea.


Whether Tom Brady retires, plays for another team or returns to the Pats, he has been fun to watch. Whether you like him or not you must admit he is one of the all-time greats to have ever played.


It is 2020, can someone please explain to me why there are still drivers not using some sort of Bluetooth so they can talk hands free?


Speaking of cell phones, those of you that bring them to the gym and talk very loudly on them, I don’t care what the latest drama in your life is, who is dating whom, what reality show you are most interested or what is for dinner. I, like many others who go to the gym to get my workout in and enjoy the quiet or just listen to music. 


I was at the gas station filling my car the other day when a car flew into the parking lot and pulled up in front of the store. Cold day, window open a bit, possibly a cigarette smoker. As the car comes to a stop in the parking space I can clearly see the driver inhaling the last bit of the cigarette and then immediately flicking the butt onto the ground. She hopped out of the car and less than 10 feet from where she parked was a trash can complete with a cigarette butt area. Someone else would have to clean up her mess. If you ever wonder why some people don’t like cigarette smokers, that is why. A little consideration goes a long way.


Wishing all of you a great 2020.


About the Author

Ken Abrahams is the VP for Client Relations (a title that drives his wife crazy) at FUN Enterprises. He enjoys observing and then writing blogs about what he sees. Truth be told he should probably pay all of you that read these blogs because he uses them instead of paying for therapy. 


Photo by David McBee from Pexels


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