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An Argument for Honest Feedback

August 13th, 2019 by Anne Celeste Anders

Feedback before - even if you do not book us.

“We have decided to go in a different direction.” I always find it interesting when a client says this. I always ask if they mind sharing what direction they decided to go. Usually I do not get an answer, but I really appreciate it when I do.

I understand that people might not want to share with me what they perceive as bad news, so they avoid the conversation. I get that, but what they need to realize is that I really want to know because it makes us better. How can anyone improve or grow if no one tells them why they did not get a job or were not picked for a position. 

We work in an industry that is often smaller than people realize.  Often, we know who might have been chosen if there really was not a change in direction. Again, is okay, but we appreciate the honest feedback. It is okay to tell us our rates were not within budget or the product was not what the group wanted. 

Feedback after - while everything if fresh in our minds.

We love feedback, want feedback, and need feedback.  We especially love it right after an event is over. Here at FUN, we send out a survey after every event, plus offer three other ways for feedback to be shared. Sometimes a client will never respond after the event, many months go by and when they call to book another event they tell us something about the last event we wish we knew. We understand a high percentage of our client base is repeat client and THANK YOU, YOU ROCK!! So that, too, might be a reason some surveys go unanswered. We get it. 

So, in conclusion, let’s keep the conversations open and never be afraid to share or tell us what you think.


AC Anders, CMP

VP of Corporation Relations