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Define and Differentiate

September 19th, 2017

Years ago a member of our team (Debbie Hubbard Anders) had us do an exercise that had us define who we are and identify what made us different from our competitors. We didn’t know it at the time, but that is now pretty common in business; it is what many call your value added proposition. It tries to answer the question of why should people do business with you and your organization. We left those signs up in our lunch / conference room for years. When we moved out of our old office the signs didn’t make the trip. Sitting here today, I wish we had kept the signs just to see if what we thought was important back then is still important to us today. If I had to do it over again today, here is what I would say about FUN Enterprises, Inc.


Defining our company here are the key points:

  1. We place our clients first. Without them, we don’t exist.
  2. Our staff is the backbone of who we are. They are our most valuable asset and we are lucky that so many of them have stayed here for as long as they have. Most of them buy into the corporate mindset that our clients are their number one priority.
  3. We are a resource that our clients can use. If we don’t have or provide a service, we can often find another company that does for our clients.
  4. We believe that regardless of your budget or the size and scope of what you’re planning, everyone deserves a great event.
  5. We are always striving to create new products and services that fit the needs, wants, and desires or our client base.
  6. When we began, we provided novelty entertainment services for our clients, but our offerings have expanded to include speakers as well as full scale event coordination.
  7. We are based in New England and we have an office in Tacoma, Washington. We cover events of all types from coast to coast.


What differentiates FUN Enterprises, Inc:

  1. We are constantly training our staff: both office and program personnel get trainings throughout the year.
  2. We are still small enough so that we have personal relationships with many of our clients, but large enough to provide the services they need.
  3. Most of the programs we provide were created in-house and we can explain exactly where they came from.
  4. We are happy to provide you contact information for our competitors if they can help you when we can’t.
  5. Our staff turnover is well below the industry average. You often see the same people at your events year after year.
  6. We are happy to do events where other vendors are present, even if they are direct competitors.
  7. When there are problems or issues we deal with them quickly and do our best to make you happy. We try and offer the remedy that will make you the happiest. In our industry it is common for people to acknowledge that there was an issue but the solution is that they will take something off the bill of a future event. In order for you to be made whole or as whole as possible, we don’t believe you should be forced to hire us again.


Why would we write and put something like this out? Clearly it seems self-serving and perhaps a little arrogant. In this day and age of social media and transparency, people often want to know who they are dealing with. As an organization, we are proud of who we are and what we do. If you have an event coming up, please contact us and experience firsthand what defines and differentiates us from the rest.  

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