Shake It Up This Summer

Shake It Up This Summer

Shake It Up This Summer Years ago, I worked as a camp counselor during the summers. For the first few years I was there we had the same chef. He’d been there for years and had a seven-day menu that he never varied from. You never needed to look at a calendar or a newspaper […]

Not Your Parents Wedding

When we built our Big FUN Chair a year ago I envisioned it going to Family Weekends, Spring Weeks, Fall Fests and Summer Outings, but never thought we’d use it for Weddings. Nonetheless, there I was watching a bride, in a gorgeous dress complete with her bouquet, sliding back in the seat of our giant […]

woman reading

Unconventional Leadership and Student Development Reads

Having a book list front and center may have given you the indication that I’m a reader. I have 1-2 on me at all times, even in inopportune places. This has been a trait of mine for as long as I can remember- I remember a particularly heated family Disney trip, turned so after I […]

Passion and Inspiration

Graduation season is in full swing. Whether you are attending a high school or college graduation, you will undoubtedly have the pleasure of listening to a myriad of speeches. Regardless of who the speaker is or what their background, you will hear phrases like finding your path, making an impact, leaving things better than you […]

Summer Party

5 Tips for Planning a Memorable Event this Summer

Memorial Day has come and gone, so the unofficial start of summer is here. During this time of year, people will plan and host several events – from graduation parties to backyard BBQ’s. Here are 5 tips, or as I call them, the 5 don’ts, to help make these events memorable with family and friends. […]

creativity in the workplace

Creativity and its Utility in the Workplace

This week, I want to expand upon the cultivating creativity manifesto I shared a few weeks back, by articulating how it can be used in the workplace- and thankfully, I have the data from the National Association of Colleges and Employers to help me out. Each year, NACE conducts a survey (summarized as their Job […]

Old cameras

WOW That’s Really Old?!?!?!?!

Several weeks ago, there were many sad faces at FUN Enterprises, Inc.’s World Headquarters. No nothing catastrophic happened, granted the weather was turning our schedule into a nightmare. The real issue was that our water cooler had died and there was no bottled water to be had. Fear not, Wayde sprang into action pulling a […]

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[INTERVIEW] 820AM Tampa Bay: On Temperament and Workplace Leadership

Earlier this week, I was invited on 820AM Tampa Bay’s “Fisher and Shriner” to talk about workplace leadership, and the role that temperament plays in leading. In it, I talk with hosts Chris Fisher and Kurt Shriner about misconceptions that surround introversion and extroversion, how modes of communication have contributed to the confusion, and how the […]

Cultivating Creativity Manifesto

Introducing: The Cultivating Creativity Manifesto

I’ve spent the last sixteen months traveling around the country (and to Canada, as of last month) talking to people about creativity. Learning about how they approach it, what they feel gets in their way, and how much potential they believe they have to develop it. All of these conversations, combined with observations about the […]

[PODCAST] Escape the 9 to 5, with Ali Salman

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of chatting with Ali of Escape the 9 to 5 about my journey thus far as an entrepreneur. It’s still not a term I’m fully comfortable using for myself (likely because of the assumptions and perceptions around it), but it was through this conversation – talking about my process […]