Like our programs and performers, our speakers are an entertaining experience, but they also create educational, training, and consulting opportunities. Our speakers provide you with sessions to inform, educate, and entertain your students, employees, clients, and customers. They speak on a variety of topics including leadership, motivation, inspiration, communication, customer service, goal setting, current events, life opportunities, mindfulness and social responsibility. Our programs and trainings can be on designated topics or we can craft presentations that match your goals, objectives, and needs.

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Virtual Programming Options

The unprecedented challenges campus communities are facing given the COVID-19 pandemic make it more important than ever for us to stay connected!  Certainly some positivity, energy, and motivation will help staff and students manage the current situation and provide tools needed to push forward.  Allow us to work with you to deliver engagement programs that can be offered to your staff or students, and accessed both in real-time or pre-recorded.


Michael Miller

Michael Miller
Trainer and Consultant

Amma Marfo

Amma Marfo
Writer and Speaker

Michele McPhee

Dave Zamansky
Trainer and Motivator

Joel Christian Gill

Joel Christian Gill
Historian and Illustrator


Audiences for Speakers

Our speakers specialize in engaging audiences in an educational, corporate, or private setting. Browse the different audiences below to learn some of the more popular speaking engagements per audience.



Event Types

If you are planning an event and need an educational or training component, our speakers are perfect for you. From leadership and inspiration to motivation and personality, our speakers can bridge the gap for your management teams, customer service representatives, student activity leaders, trade participants and attendees.