Nationally Recognized Professional Speakers

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FUN Enterprises not only provides quality entertainment, but nationally recognized professional speakers who can impress a wide variety of audiences. Our professional speakers are nationally recognized in educational and corporate environments. Michael Miller is an inspirational motivation and leadership speaker. Michele McPhee is an award winning criminal investigative reporter and author. Joel C. Gill is a nationally recognized speaker and author who revisits passionate tales of Black History. Amma Marfo is an author and outspoken advocate for creativity, believes strongly in the power of humor, and looks forward to helping you find the way you live and work best. This is just a few of the speakers we have available to help you with education and training.

In the education forum, we have programs for:

  • students
  • parents
  • faculty
  • student leadership
  • greek life

In the corporate forums, we have programs designed for:

  • leadership
  • sales
  • communication
  • organizational management
  • assessment
  • goal setting
  • mindfulness
  • marketing

For corporate social responsibility, we have programs addressing:

  • environmental
  • global
  • local

We also have the ability to create workshops and sessions unique to your college, company or organization.

For more information on all of our speakers, please click FUN Enterprises Speakers.

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