Something you would like to share about yourself
So the common stuff is that I am a father, husband and dog lover. Some of the more unusual things are that I love World War II aircraft; I have flown in a 1937 Biplane, taken a flying lesson, used to be a certified SCUBA diver, On occasion if you are there on the right night you will hear me doing the PA for the Brockton Rox. If I could do that for a job full time I would love it. One of my very few fears is heights, hate roller coasters, take about 5,000 pictures every year and I usually leave my cell phone in the car when I am at work.

Your favorite FUN program
That is like asking me which child is my favorite. With our programs that changes all the time. I am often most enthralled by what is new. Have always loved the Photo Dry Erase Boards and seeing people react to the Big FUN Chair is awesome. 

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