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Do you get what you want most out of life? During the session, we’ll encounter ways to make that happen. You’ll be asked a thought-provoking question. After that question is asked, only one will then remain: Will you have the nerve to answer the question honestly?
Let’s explore being better “in the moment.” Even if you are in a crazy busy work/school environment you can use your capabilities to ensure that you are always living your vision, values, and mission.
Your English class was never like this! In this interactive session we look at written correspondence and proposal writing as a leadership skill - a way to use effective communication to better work with others.
This session asks the important questions and motivates you to find the answers. Prepare for some positive confrontation as the presenter boldly shares the most effective ways to get what you want.
Tired of setting goals because you never seem to accomplish them? This session will not only assist you in identifying your goals, but give you strategies to review and evaluate them.
Are manners only for the country club set? Not in this session as we’ll learn common ways of interacting sure to increase communication, positive relationships, and effectiveness.
Feeling a little rusty when it comes to communicating face-to-face? Come and join this session as we look at “conversation skills” as “leadership skills. We’ll also explore the thought that effective conversation can lead to effective organizations. You’ll learn tips and tools – and have some great conversations too.
Teambuilding activities are not silly games; rather, they are powerful tools that increase the rate at which indivduals become part of a larger community. A fun and high energy approach keeps participants interacting while becoming strongly connected.
Some people’s behavior takes energy away from the team. This session will explore those behaviors and provide the team with ways to not only manage the behavior, but improve it!
Need a boost? Through an interactive activity, participants will see their strengths in a dramatic way. In addition, we’ll explore theories of motivation that will last all year long.
Your group may have a common mission statement, but do you share similar organizational values? This session will get your group to their top five common values and discuss the ways to employ those values in meeting your mission. Perfect for departments or organizations looking to find their common ground.
Individual behaviors and attributes influence group effectiveness. This interactive role play will illustrate this principle and provide participants strategies to handle group differences.
What role do values have for a leader and a manager? In this session we’ll discuss how personal and organizational values can effect a leader’s success.
Why does it seem so hard to provide quality customer service? This session will provide a foundation on how to approach customers and then look at ways to handle irate/difficult ones.
Creativity can be a powerful tool to advance your organization’s agenda. Do you use this tool wisely. In this session we’ll explore ways that creativity can generate new opportunities.
Using a presenter developed model, this session will help campus administrators and student leaders frame their thinking on leadership development and create an individual campus program that meets student needs.
Tired of being a doormat? Are you left saying, “I should have said something!” after interactions. Let’s learn a framework for communication that leaves both parties satisfied.
Conflict is bad, right? Not during this session! Exploring conflict is an important way to come to better decisions and ideas. If we manage it correctly. Let’s learn the ways to actually make conflict positive.
We all want to retain quality people in our organization. Did you know that by giving them important and challenging work you can do just that?
Everyone agrees: It’s important to recognize others! Yet we sometimes forget to incorporate recognition in staff/ team development. This session will provide a philosophy and low cost recognition ideas. Ideal session for leaders and managers looking to boost morale.
When there are many tasks competing for our attention, we can become paralyzed. This session will provide strategies for task review and analysis so that you can get it all done.
More than just a session on “Time Management” this session explores the techniques that successful leaders employ.
What role does power play in your organization? Let’s look at the types of power often exhibited and the best way for the leader to use this knowledge to bring about maximum effectiveness of team members.

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Michael can help you connect with your team from anywhere with a customized online series based on your organization's specific needs. Let Michael help keep our staff motivated and provide resources to navigate the uncertain environment.

Popular virtual programming topics to engage your entire student body include:

  • More than “Just Deal with It!”: 10 Ways to Manage the Changes

  • No Virus is Keeping Us Apart: 3 Things You Can do to Stay Connected

  • Handling the Disappointment: Moving Forward Anyway!


Topics can be done in one session or in segments.