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Your Vote is Magic! – While Lyn’s book mostly centers on the illusion of an elephant and a donkey, it also provides a very interesting history of voting in the United States.

Lyn has a well-earned reputation for creating innovative magic – one of the tools that helped her raise voting awareness was the massive-scale illusion involving the “mascots” of the two political parties. In the illusion, Lyn produced a live elephant and a live donkey, out of thin air, before an audience of a thousand people in an open field, in one minute flat.

During her presentation, she described the process of creating an illusion and for the message of how important the right to vote is, and why it should always be exercised – it’s a fusion of illusion and reality. She focuses on why voting is so important, how it impacts our everyday lives, and that every vote really does matter.

What People are Saying

“Your Vote is Magic” was amazing! Kudos to you for creating a show where you were able to capture the attention of the youth in the audience and bring attention to one of American’s most valuable rights…the right to VOTE!! I was very impressed with how you touched on the history of voting, how we earned our right to vote, and how every vote will affect our future, from the local level to the national level. Thank you for sharing your two passions with our Town’s youth, your passion for magic and your passion for the importance of exercising the Right to Vote!!”
- Town Clerk, Town of Somerset, MA

“After watching Lyn Dillies perform “Your Vote is Magic” at our local High School, I was speechless. The performance combined powerful illusions to show just how important one vote can be and can make a difference. It’s a must see for any citizen and also for those who are not yet of voting age. I would highly recommend this program to any and every school district across the nation!”
- Assistant Registrar of Voters, Town of Westport, MA

“Her message on voting was very, very powerful. Incorporated into that message was her talents as a magician. The illusionist show kept kids engaged – mesmerized – and not knowing what was coming next.” 
- Superintendent, Westport Community Schools 

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