Topics Dave Covers

Find out what Captain America, Thor, Ant-Man, Black Panther, The Guardians of the Galaxy, and The Avengers can teach us about leadership.  This unique workshop taps into the biggest pop culture phenomenon and will bring in everyone:  those that always are involved to those that don’t typically involve themselves in leadership.  Marvel movies have been breaking records at the box office over the past two decades. Audiences are on the edge of their seats for every epic battle and jaw-dropping plot twist, while at the same time learning important lessons on leadership. During this session, attendees will watch movie clips and partake in experiential activities that help educate on the topics of community, organization, social justice, integrity, and more. 

The topic of integrity/ethics and leadership is a current issue that is debated daily on any news network. As a result, leaders act with the knowledge that they are in a fishbowl. Everyone is watching, every day. Though it may be easy, as a leader, to say what you stand for and what you value, it is more of a challenge to walk your talk and keep the trust and respect of others if you make a mistake.  Even when we're committed, congruent, and deal responsibly with complexities, mistakes will happen, poor judgments are made, and ethical breakdowns are possible. This ethics workshop incorporates communities identifying their core values, verbalizing them publicly, and putting them to the test.  Together we’ll uncover how do to make good ethical decisions and what happens when something does not go as planned.

Warning: Attending this program will cause you to meet people and get involved in activities...beware! Experiential leadership activities are often reserved for the start of the year. In actuality, these activities provide value THROUGHOUT the year.  These activities can be used to elevate events like new member orientations, retreats, weekly meetings, professional development trainings, and more. This session teaches a collection of the most unusual team builders and games that are guaranteed to make your members feel included while having fun, learning about each other, and developing in ways that create community.  Every group will receive a mini-manual of the activities of the workshop to bring back to their communities.  Dave knows enough activities to have four or more of these workshops!

Positive communities understand that their collective energy is greater than the sum of their individual energies. They are honest and open with each other, listen to each other, and know that conflict can be a positive piece of who they are. Dave has found he gets more out of individuals in a community when they feel like they are listened to and their ideas are taken in. When this happens, communities come together and accomplish more than they knew possible. Community Realized will have participants exploring the definition and dynamics of community. Activities will be set up to create deeper relationships in communities with the understanding that we are all connected. When communities are thriving, everyone can be who they are without fear of judgment and feel they are a part of something bigger than themselves.


Fun Facts about Dave

  1. For stress relief, Dave loves movies (especially superhero ones), hanging with friends and family, beating people up in video games (the Batman Arkham series is his favorite), exercising in the morning, and yelling into a PA as the official announcer for UNH Women’s Volleyball and Basketball. 
  2. A year ago, Dave started to practice what he preaches about risk taking and can be seen on stage at local clubs as a stand-up comic. 
  3. Dave is married with two incredible children (17, 16) who both are on their high school swim team and love playing any Lego video game out there on the Playstation 4. They just finished Lego Harry Potter and are on to the new Lego Incredibles.