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When planning a meeting, can you answer these questions: What will we be accomplishing during this time together? Are we reporting information? Is there a problem to be solved? Are we brainstorming around a topic or a training session on a new product or service? Our speakers can help you create customized content and activities for your meeting to improve your productivity and overall effectiveness.

Meetings generally fall into four categories:

1. Reports and Information

This type of meeting demands quite a bit of preparation. There are normally many reports, lots of numbers, and the inability it stay focused for long periods of time. You need to make sure there are breakouts and the ability to ask questions and gather input. Our speakers can help you by creating an overview and audience preparation for what will be discussed. They can discuss expectations upfront along with outcomes and facilitation.

2. Decision Making and Problem Solving

This type of meeting allows for individuals in management positions to set expectations for the group or organization. Departments have the opportunity to speak about where they fall in the decision-making process. Keeping to the agenda is important as this can be tied to the outcome for the group. We can set the stage as a keynote speaker or finish the meeting with an overall reflection on the messages discussed during the event.

3. Creative and Brainstorming

These types of meetings can bring great ideas to the table, but they can also easily get sidetracked. Make sure you have ideas and outcomes clearly defined. We can help you set the stage with icebreakers and expectations as well as facilitation and keeping groups focused. We also allow for all ideas and suggestions to be validated and work towards openness with the group.

4. Training and Skill Building

Sometimes meetings are opportunities to get certain groups within an organization together for discussions, problem solving, and training. We can help you train your teams with sales strategies, customer service, leadership, motivational training, and conflict resolution. We can work with your group on personality traits and how they can help with communication and overall productivity.

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