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August Newsletter

August 1st, 2019

The Funny Pages

Welcome to the Fun Enterprises Monthly Newsletter

August 2019

Engaging Your Employees

Don't let engaging your employees become a full-time job! There are statistics up and down the board when it comes to employee engagement; from Employee Experience, Wellness and Burnout to Performance Management and Agility. Employee engagement has become a viable force employers cannot ignore. A recent Gallop Poll states only 34% of employees are engaged at their place of employment. With baby-boomers aging out of the workforce and millennials filling in the gaps, many employers are realizing high turnover rates and employee dissatisfaction are attributed to the need for improved culture and engagement. 

Although the numbers may vary according to which poll or survey you're scrolling through, one thing holds true across the board; engaged employees increase your bottom line. Engaged employees feel valued, work more productively, care about their jobs and their employers more than non-engaged employees and some stats even suggest that engaged employees are healthier and less stressed. 

When you work for a company that cares about their employees, it's felt far and wide and it makes all the difference in the world.  Here is a great article from 15Five about 2019 engagement trends.

There are many ways to engage your employees, but we always promote the FUN way!  Whether it's a summer outing, holiday party or a small departmental gathering on a Friday afternoon, hiring entertainment will ensure your employee engagement sends a message. A very good message - we appreciate you!

So, let us help you appreciate and engage your employees easily, consistently and cost effectively. Call AC Anders with your ideas at 781-436-3187 or email her at [email protected]

See some suggestions below

Back to School

Although we don't want to think about summer coming to an end, August is the month that students and campuses across the country start gearing up for back to school.  It's a time for new beginnings and fresh slates that seem to bring clarity and renewed purpose to students and faculty alike.

Just like all the supply stores who stock their shelves to the ceiling in anticipation of the mad rush to come mid-August, Fun Enterprises is booking up for one of our busiest seasons too. Don't get shut out because you waited until the last minute! 

Late August begins with Welcome Weeks and New Student Programs that engage your students and set a great precedent for the new academic year.

Refresh your programming with our new Weekly Programming Specials flyer. Chinese menu style allows clients to choose their programs and their pricing. Email [email protected] for a copy of the flyer.

Soon to come is Homecoming, Fall Festivals and Family Weekends.  We love casino nights, but if you are having the same casino night (or another repeat program) that you have every year, you may want to try or add something new.  Our Giant Board Games on the Quad are great to keep everyone having fun on campus during the day. Letter Art is very popular at family weekend as are our photo programs to capture those special memories. How about a Scavenger Hunt across Campus that will have your students and families not only having fun but discovering new things about campus that their daily routines may not allow. 

Those of you who know Ken Abrahams, know that he is great at finding a program that works for everyone. With over 30 years' experience working on college campuses across the country, he is amazing at finding the just the right thing and within your budget too! Give Ken a call at 781-436-3187 or email him at [email protected]


You do not need to always go off site and have large expensive parties. Have small intimate celebrations at your offices.

  1. Lunch and Learn Series – you can offer a potluck lunch or cater it, but the teams can bond over lunch and an activity right on site, at work. Paint parties, Office Feng Shui, Trivia Parties, Game shows.
  2. Benefits Fair FUN – If you make this an event more people will come and participate. Caricatures ArtistsAlmost Famous Magazine CoversAstrology or Tarot card readers.
  3. Halloween/Fall/Holiday FUN – Bring in catering, bar services and entertainment. No need for employees to have to rearrange their personal schedule to get to the company event. Let it happen late afternoon or early evening during the week and your staff will always be engaged and will still have that team bonding time that is so important.
  4. Relaxation Ideas - On-site massage or On-site yoga.


Ken Abrahams Hosts Round Table Meeting

"What are the top challenges you face at your job today?"

Ken hosted a round table meeting on July 22, 2019 from 5-9pm at our Stoughton Headquarters.  Attendees were served great pizza from a local hot spot, salad, and desserts prior to the meeting.


(yes, the table is rectangle)

Ken Abrahams has been working on college campuses for 30+ years and has seen the culture change a time or two.  Knowing that student activities staff rarely have an opportunity to discuss challenges and find solutions outside their own campuses, Ken facilitated this group to give his local clients a forum to speak freely. Knowing that no matter how different your campus may be, that everyone faces similar challenges today and finding solutions together is rewarding for everyone involved.  A bonus is making new friends who share your profession and have common goals.  

14 attendees from local colleges and universities came together to discuss the top challenges on campuses today.  Breaking things down into 3 smaller groups, participants were asked to share their schools' top 3 challenges and brainstorm solutions. 

One of the main challenges outlined was engagement, with 8 of the 14 schools weighing in on how difficult it is to get students to attend programs, stay at programs longer and finding activities that Gen Z students are interested in. Also, attracting and retaining student leaders is an issue for many as well as finding creative ways to keep committed students. Marketing strategies were also high on the list with many schools identifying with low attendance numbers because students report not knowing about the event.  Quality vs. quantity, smaller budgets and trying new things vs. traditions were also topics of discussion. 

In addition to the many creative ideas presented on how to increase attendance at programs, a very popular solution across several challenges was collaboration. Collaborating with departments, student groups, organizations as well academic programs. Not only for recruiting student leaders and increasing involvement and attendance, but collaboration was also identified as a marketing strategy.  

All answers and solution will be organized and emailed to participants for reference materials in working toward solutions on their own. (completely anonymous, of course!)

If anyone is interested in attending the next Round Table meeting, please email Ken at [email protected] 

Summer FUN! 

A Great Night at the Races! 

FUN Enterprises held its Annual Summer Outing at Plainridge Park Casino on July 5, 2019. Everyone enjoyed great food, casual outdoor dining at The Loft and front row seating for the races. We loved it so much last year, we had to go back again this year!  

Thank you, Plainridge Park, for another great outing! 

Plan your next party at Plainridge by emailing Hillary at [email protected].

Tell her AC sent you!


Do you communicate effectively? Check out Michael's latest #3things on Better Connecticut

Motivational and leadership speaker, Michael Miller. is on Better Connecticut with advice for giving feedback and making sure we are understood. To learn more about how Michael motivates people, at companies and colleges, across the country visit, speakeducators.com.

We love themed events! 

Call us, we can help make yours awesome!

Living Statutes - Weirwood Trees/Game of Thrones

Weirwood Trees, face-less man, White Walkers and Ravens

AC and 2 White Walkers - oh no! 

Kim's Corner


Things to do in August in Boston

So many great fruits and vegetables are in season, try something new with these 31 Delicious Recipes to Make in August

Time Magazines's Best Books of Summer 2019

We need FULL TIME Event Staff - Pass the word!

We are looking for full time event staff in our Stoughton, Massachusetts location. Candidates should be personable, enthusiastic individuals with a strong work ethic and a commitment to customer service.

  • High School Diploma or GED Certificate is preferred.
  • Must be personable, hardworking and able to work independently.
  • Strong customer service orientation.
  • Strong attention to detail and follow through.
  • Proven proficiency in the use of computer equipment/applications.
  • Ability to communicate clearly and concisely in written and verbal formats.
  • Punctual for all jobs and assignments.
  • Be able to lift 40 lbs. and stand up for prolonged periods of time.
  • Must have a valid driver’s license, reliable vehicle and a clean driving record.

Please send resumes to: [email protected]

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This Month

Back to School/Welcome Week

3 - National Watermelon Day

10 - National S'mores Day

13 - Left Hander's Day

14 - V-J Day

30 - National Marshmallow Toasting Day

Coming Up: 

Family Weekends/Homecoming/Fall Festivals/Carnivals

2 - Labor Day - first Monday

8 - Grandparents Day - first Sunday after Labor Day

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27 - Native American Day the fourth Friday of the  month

29 - Rosh Hashanah begins at sundown

Fun Facts

In June we were a part of 192 different events with 339 programs. Our best selling program hasn't wavered for six consecutive months - Caricatures - with 82 individual artist programs. 


 The History and Origin of the Caricature

Really Random Trivia 

1.What is a group of unicorns known as?

2. Which animal is known to kill more people than plane crashes?


See below for the answer 

Crossword FUN!

Crossword Answer:

Trivia Answer: 

1. A blessing

2. Donkeys




  Newsletter written and edited by Debra Holland  - July 2019

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