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July Newsletter

July 1st, 2020

The Funny Pages

Welcome to the Fun Enterprises Monthly Newsletter

July 2020 

Summer 2020 is here!

Things continue to be "different" this year, but we can still enjoy the things we love, we just have to be a little smarter, think ahead and take precautions. 

CDC issues health guidelines for hosting backyard barbecues during the pandemic.

How to have friends over this summer — safely

The road trip is back and it’s better than ever. Here’s how to stay safe this summer

How to road trip safely during a pandemic: Tips for navigating rest stops, gas stations and hotels

8 Creative Ways to Celebrate a Friend’s Birthday While Social Distancing

Our friends over at OutsideHow have put together this comprehensive guide for traveling this summer. How to Avoid Getting Coronavirus When Traveling | Planes, Trains, and Buses. Their website is a great resource for camping, hiking, backpacking any everything outdoors. 

We've expanded our Virtual Programming! 

As the Country navigates its way to re-opening, FUN has been busy creating new ways to bring some great team building programs to engage your team in creative, fun ways. Although we are available to do some in-person events, within our social distancing guidelines, we realize virtual events may feel safer and more comfortable for some people and businesses right now.  See our expanded line-up, scattered throughout this newsletter, and call or email us today to discuss which programs are right for your team.

Ken Abrahams - College and Universities [email protected]

AC Anders - Corporate and Private Events [email protected]

Bonnie Fox - Speaking Engagements [email protected]


Virtual Airbrush

virtual airbrush

Our Virtual Airbrush Program is designed to give your guests a unique and memorable piece of art while entertaining them in your virtual event. Virtual artwork will be created, dried, and shipped directly to your guests or to a single contact if you prefer. See our Airbrush Products page for a long list of products our talented artists can bring to life for your guests during your meeting or event.

Virtual Caricatures

virtual caricatures

Over 3 years ago, Fun Enterprises took its caricature program digital and now we've taken it virtual to connect you in a new, FUN way. Our Virtual Caricature program connects your team in a casual way to hang out and chat with one another while getting your caricature drawn.


Kids and Family

Little feet big adventures has put together a great list of 15 virtual field trips for kids.

Today's Parents has a great list for a virtual vaca! Can't leave the house? Take the kids on a virtual vacation

Keeping your kids safe online is a full-time job these days, especially during this pandemic while more of us stay at home.  NetSmartz has some great resources and videos to share with kids of all ages to keep everyone playing, learning, and using the internet in safe, smart, and healthy ways. Check out their page here: June is Internet Safety Month

OutsideHow has put together this great list of 29 Fun Camping Games for Kids, Families, Adults, Campfire

Paint Parties

ceramic pot decorating

Virtual Paint Parties are great FUN for you and your guests. Participants are instructed by our talented Artist and painting is done live during your virtual meeting or event.  We will ship everything needed to you or directly to each of your guests. As always we have many paintings to choose from in our Gallery.

Photo Programs

decorate your own frames

We have adapted some of our most popular programs to meet the needs of our clients in the virtual world.  Photos will now be accepted electronically.  Your guests will pick out their favorite photos and have them put onto our products during your events. All products are mailed directly to your guests. Check out our long list of Photo Products available. Unfortunately, at this time, we are not able to offer our antique photo program and our green screen photos require specific parameters on the photos.

Blog Spot

Hey, how are you?

That question is one that all of us have asked and answered tens of thousands of times. Most of the time, we simply put the response on autopilot and say things like fine or great, how about you? Lately, I’ve really been thinking about that response and how on earth I’m supposed to answer that question?

Can I really add anything of value to the conversation?

Are you going to blog about this? It was a simple question, asked by a co-worker and the person that edits all the pieces I write.

I'm Sorry

During a pandemic, apparently, you have time to think and reflect.



Personalized Programs


We are proud to offer our Personalized products both virtually, during your event, or as a mail order program. As always, we offer branding with logos and colors and do all the graphics in-house. See our Personalized Products listing to choose which one you’ll bring to your next virtual event. Check out our newly added Face Masks! All products are made and shipped directly to your guests.

Virtual Events- Guest will choose name, font, and colors during the event.

Mail Orders – We work with you to design a system that works for your business or guests.

Psychic Readings

make your own chalk board

Our Virtual Psychic Programs are a great interactive and entertaining way to engage your guests.  Astrology, Tarot and Numerology readings are available to choose from. Guests will be directed to enter a psychic hosted “breakout room” one at a time to enjoy their private readings and then they can go back to the group to share if they choose or simply leave the event.

Tarot Card Reading Classes

make your own chalk board

 Some of our best psychics are sharing their knowledge and expertise in our Virtual Card Reading Classes with your guests. We are offering a 2-class series that will teach your guests the history of the cards and how to read and put together the story of the tarot cards.

Class 1 - Introduction to the Tarot

Two Hour Class

This class will introduce students to the ancient Western occult psychological and philosophical system consisting of 78 cards divided into the Major and Minor Arcana. Students will also learn what the cards mean and how to do a three card and a five card spread of divination.  

Class 2 - Role Playing with Students

Two Hour Class

This class goes deeper to instruct students how to put the cards together to form a story and give answers to their clients. Students will learn the 10 card reading format and will engage in role playing (reading others in the class). This virtual interactive class is the best way to learn how to read and create a story during your readings. Class 1 is a prerequisite for this class.

Magic with Peter Boie the Magician for Non-Believers

game show for party rentals

Peter has been touring across the US for 15+ years performing for corporations, colleges and theaters. He has been featured on the hit national TV show Penn & Teller Fool Us. He has performed for CEOs and celebrities such as Tom Brady and Neil Young. Unique magic, comedy and a relaxed and commanding stage presence is the reason why clients love hiring Peter year after year!  Check out Peter's website here: https://magicianpeter.com/

Michael Miller's Family & Parent Program...a client's review 

by Candace DeAngelis, Interim Director of Student Center/Activities, Eastern Connecticut State University

COVID Campus Response: A Family Affair

The COVID 19 pandemic has certainly cast a wide net of uncertainty across higher education. Closing the University and moving to an online learning plan was no easy task. Many campuses are still struggling with how to move forward and function moving forward. There are more questions than answers, but if one thing is for certain, it’s that Staff in Student Affairs know how to deal with crisis.

In the Student Activities Office at Eastern Connecticut State University, we scrambled, like many campuses, to cancel events and support our student in any way we could to help them with the transition back home in March. When the news hit and plans to shut down the University were announced, we had no choice but to move quickly, but how would we deliver so much information to so many in such a short period of time?  Knowing that we had access to a crucial group of constituents who could help us manage the challenge before us, we decided to turn to our parents and families for help.

The Student Activities Office began almost immediately to work on an initiative that would help support not only our students, but our parents and families, during this difficult time. We called on motivational speaker and educational trainer, Michael Miller, to assist us in virtually connecting with our parents and families.  After much planning and discussion, the plan was set to offer guidance, strategies to manage, and motivation to persevere through a series of online presentations. Links to recorded video presentations and live meet ups were emailed to Eastern students and families and posted on the Student Activities social media accounts. In particular, we utilized our growing parent Facebook group to help spread the word about our series. Our schedule (listed below) was developed to provide parents with support, resources and answers to questions we know they had, in a quick, honest and forthcoming way.

  1. April 8- Dealing with Change in Uncertain Times - helping parents cope.
  2. April 22- Living Better Together - Live parent meet-up for questions.
  3. April 29 - Graduating senior parent meet-up – support and information on graduation
  4. May 6- Reducing the Stress Interview with Director of Counseling & Psychological Services, Director of Housing & Residential Life and the Dean of Students

The response to our parent program amidst this pandemic had very positive responses from parents, staff and administrators. Campus Partners also used the momentum we had created with parents to share critical information from their departments.   Departments such as Counseling & Psychological Services, Housing & Residential Life and Academic Advising were able to utilize the systems we put in place to help meet the needs of our students and their families.

Throughout the series and beyond, we made sure to utilize the parents as a resource. Forming a partnership with them not only aided communicating important, timely information to our students and their families, but it also served to help students and families cope with the uncertainty and navigate this unchartered territory. 

Eastern Connecticut State University Student Activities Office is proud of it’s partnership with parents and families.  We hope that by sharing this program, we can encourage other institutions of higher education to partner with parents and families of students, not only during the transition to campus during orientation, but throughout their students’ four-year college career. 

Speed Trivia Game Show 

decorate your own frames

Virtual Speed Trivia is great fun for your next virtual meeting or event. Guests will download our trivia app (on android or apple) and then join a virtual call with our interactive host. Players will earn points with correct answers and bonus points for answering faster than competitors. Questions will include multiple choice, first letter, and numerical responses. Trivia will be a mix of categories and can include custom trivia as well. Our Virtual Host will set up a Zoom call for your participants to join.

Survey Says Game Show

decorate your own fish tank

Based on Family Feud, this game pits contestants against each other in a contest to name the most popular responses to survey questions. You can supply your own questions or use ours in this raucous game that is sure to delight your guests. Your high-energy show comes complete with a dynamic Master of Ceremonies, sound effects, music, and animated lock-out boxes – just like the real show. Our Virtual Host will set up a Virtual Meeting for your participants to join. Teams can be pre-set or created on the call. 

Virtual Programming Options

The unprecedented challenges campus communities are facing given the COVID-19 pandemic make it more important than ever for us to stay connected!  Certainly, some positivity, energy, and motivation will help staff and students manage the current situation and provide tools needed to push forward.  Allow us to work with you to deliver engagement programs that can be offered to your staff or students and accessed both in real-time and pre-recorded.

         MICHAEL'S VIRTUAL OPTIONS                                     AMMA'S VIRTUAL OPTIONS


Visit our Speak Educators Website for more.

To book for your virtual engagement, call Bonnie Fox at 253-229-4390

or email [email protected]  

July 4th Trivia

1. Did you know that 3 presidents who signed the Declaration of Independence died on July 4th? Who were they?

2. We even have 1 President born on the 4th of July; do you know who?

3. What year did the 1st Fourth of July Fireworks show take place?


Checking in with Amma Marfo...

I'm of the belief that creativity is useful for all people, for a number of reasons: problem solving, relationship building, and career development. I also think it can be central to building systems of equity and justice. Looking to new sources for information, bringing new people into conversations, and acknowledging a need for change...all of these things can contribute to more equitable and just systems. And that change can begin with the imagery we use to portray ourselves - as individuals, and as organizations. I wrote about my personal challenge to look closely at which GIFs I use to express myself with the CM Group. I hope it helps you rethink the imagery you use, and sparks larger conversations about what it "looks like" to be a part of your team.

Read the full article here: The very real notion of act-GIF-ism

What's up with the FUN team? 

 ​​​​​Donna's been busy in the garden!

Donna Bates is our very creative Operations Manager who is responsible, in part, for the amazing programs we do (among many other things).  Donna makes ideas come to life by finding supplies, testing, and building programs for Fun that people love.  It is no wonder that she has taken that creative spirit to her garden this spring.  Check out some of her amazing, DIY creations. 

"Today I made a trellis for my squash plants from 2 pallets that I got from Fun".

"I turned a headboard that we were going to throw out into a trellis for my green beans and blueberry bush".

"For this one I used the base of an old coffee table and the sides are from an outdoor table along with some left over decking boards and chicken wire".

Deb's been updating a tired, old deck! 

With the help of family, we've taken our tired, old deck into the 21st century with new deck boards and some stain.  Although it's not quite finished, we already love the new space. 


It all started with my attempt to power wash the deck. I quickly realized that we needed more help than a simple washing would do. I was able to successfully power wash the railings, but then had to solicit the help of my nephew who works in construction. He ripped out the old, rotted flooring and my kids and I gave the railing a coat of stain. 


At that point, we decided to change out the posts to accommodate some hanging plants and privacy screening to block the busy street. 


We replaced the flooring, stained the remaining posts, and painted the old vinyl lattice around the bottom. It looks so much better already! We still have to replace the stairs, build out the privacy screens along the front and put in a gate, but we are able to enjoy the new space while we complete the remainder of the project.


 Trivia Answer: 

1. John Adams and Thomas Jefferson both died on July 4, 1826, on the 50th anniversary of the country's independence. James Monroe died five years later on July 4, 1831.

2. Calvin Coolidge was the only president born on the 4th of July.

3. The very first 4th of July fireworks show took place in Philadelphia in 1777.



Newsletter written and edited by Debra Holland July 2020

Thank you for visiting!

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