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February Newsletter

February 1st, 2020

The Funny Pages

Welcome to the Fun Enterprises Monthly Newsletter

February 2020  

Beating the Stress of Winter Months

by AC Anders, CMP

So it is February in New England …

Traffic patterns are back to normal, slow pace or no pace. Did you know Bostonians spend an average of 60+ hours in traffic per year?

Goals and accountability for 2020 are in full swing. For me it’s sales numbers and marketing plans.

Winter Weather, Spring Weather, back to Winter Weather and let’s just not talk about snow. We love New England, but not in the winter!

The bills from all the holiday shopping are still coming. Didn’t I just pay bills in January? Tight finances always come with a high stress count.

Kids just went back to school, now they want to know what’s up for Feb vacation.

Quick, run away from that person next to you that just coughed and did not cover their mouth!

These are just a few things that stress me out during the winter months, how about you?

The winter months are not as filled with FUN events, even at a place called FUN, and often are a little slower after the busy pace of the fall and holiday seasons. It is funny, we are stressed during the busy times, but the Winter months bring a different type of stress. Many people suffer from seasonal depression during these cold, dark months too.  Here at FUN we try to add in a few card games at lunch or a quick video game competition during a slow time, but we are still leaving the office in the dark.

Stress in the workplace hampers productivity and stress at home makes family cranky. We just can’t escape it, everyone has stress. It not only makes us crazy, but it can hurt us as well, physically, if not dealt with. So, it’s very important to deal with stress but how you deal with is just as important. In a matter of seconds, when I just googled stress relief, I got 649,000 results. No one way is right for everyone and sometimes it takes time to find out what way is best for you. Don’t give up, you’re not alone!

It took me years to find an outlet to help destress, I found one this past Fall and I love it. I started working out at a gym. Now, for most people, you are like “so what, I have done that”. Well I have NEVER done it, so this is totally new and totally FUN, yes FUN (shout out to Elite Health and Fitness, Stoughton). I started going with a few friends and have continued, even when they are not going. I have a trainer who inspires me (shout out to Olivia E., your awesome!) and a bunch of workout clothes I am having fun mix and matching. I feel like this is one way I can relieve stress and begin to get healthier. I’m not only getting my stress out, but I look and feel better.  People ask me why now, what made me start working out? Other ways I have tried to get rid of stress were not working, so I kept trying and, right now, this is working for me. So, don’t be afraid to try new things and find what works for you too!

Feeling stressed at work?  Check out this short article I found interesting about ways to relax at work.


Put some love into your Valentine's programming

by Ken Abrahams

For years, Valentine’s Day has been looked at as one of those couples only days but that isn’t really true. Over time, we have come up with a wide range of programs for people that are romantically involved or not. We can always do things like:

Magazine Covers from Romantic destinations or Travel Magazine

Snowflake Photos in front of a heart backdrop

Caricatures on Valentine’s Day Cards

Green Screen Photo’s with pictures from a range of romantic movies and romantic comedy’s

But, there is so much more that you can do whether you have found that special someone or not.

Photo Candy Boxes – Who doesn’t love candy?

Green Screen Photos from the beach – Let’s face it by that point in time we are all tired of cold and Winter

Airbrush Winter Hats and Drawstring backpacks – Winter Hats for the realists and backpacks for the optimists (those that think Spring is right around the corner).

We can always customize our services for your event and your crowd, all you need to do is ask.


Valentine's Day on a College Student's budget

How to Make a Heart Shaped Wreath

How to have a Low Budget Valentine's Day


11 sets of Funny and Free Valentine's Day Cards

 70 Secret Crush Quote

20 Ways to Treat Yourself on Singles Awareness Day





by Michael Miller 



This time of year, while busy, finds me feeling excited – the madness of the holidays is over; however, there’s still so much left of the year – and so much time still left to accomplish those things that will advance our professional and personal lives. These feelings make me feel like I have the time to truly achieve my goals. Having that perspective always makes me feel grateful for a host of things!

Grateful for family and friends I love, a career about which I care deeply, and grateful for the opportunity to work with people around the United States who make a difference in their organizations. Of course, the bottom line in all this thankfulness is people. Lately, I have been trying to express my gratitude to these important people more frequently.  My attempts have helped to bring me clarity on valuable people in my life, have solidified my feelings, and have even strengthened some important relationships!

What about you?

I know you are grateful for people in your life – and I also know you think at times, “I should let them know.”  But, expressing gratitude isn’t always easy: We think of it, then the year gets busy and we become distracted, so we put off expressing our positive feelings. So why not create a special moment NOW and tell a special person why you appreciate their presence in your life. Friend, spouse, partner, or colleague – anyone you’re grateful for is eligible!

Here’s how simple it is to do:

1. Reflect on those people in your life you are grateful for and choose one!

It will SURPRISE you to know just how many people you are actually grateful for: the person you choose will probably not be the most OBVIOUS!  That’s a FUN part of the reflection.  Please also be sure to choose someone not based on THEIR need to hear your positive thoughts; rather, focus on YOUR desire to express this gratitude.

2. Complete this phrase thinking of the person you selected:  I am grateful to you for . . .

Say it SIMPLY: no need for too many adjectives or FLUFFY phrases.  SHORT is fine, SINCERE is best! Also, if an AWKWARD silence prevails after you express your gratitude, follow up with, “I just wanted you to know this!” And, then feel free to MOVE on!

3. Walk into their space, enter their e-mail address, call their phone: TELL THEM NOW!

Don’t PROCRASTINATE: remember the clock is ticking – and time’s a wasting.  Don’t CHEAT someone of this important, positive and meaningful approbation. Your thoughts mean MORE than you know. You realize, of course, that you are also going to make someone’s day!

Please let me know how it goes!

By the way, if you didn’t already know, I am grateful to you for reading this! 

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by Amma Marfo


I love teaching others how to harness their creativity. And even after so many years working with students, professionals, and other clients, it's still thrilling to find my own new inspirations. I truly believe it can come from anywhere: books or podcasts, nature, meeting new people, or even a quietly delightful YouTube channel. This month on my blog, I introduce readers to the talented and endlessly watchable chefs of the Bon Appétit test kitchen. Not only are they a great way to relax after a long day, but they highlight the inner workings of a workplace that embodies the creative spirit. Part 1 and Part 2 are both live at ammamarfo.com/blog, I hope you'll read and draw inspiration from their work! And if, after you finish, you'd like to talk more about how we can bring that spirit to your work? Please get in touch, I'd love to work with you!

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Happy Anniversary!

AC and Wayde celebrated their 24th Wedding Anniversary last month!

Kim's Corner


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Really Random Trivia 

1.  73% of people who buy flowers for Valentine’s Day are men, while only 27 percent are women. What percent of woman are buying for themselves? 

2. Who receives the most Valentine's Day cards?

See below for the answer 


Candy, Flowers, Red, Love, February, Fourteenth, Cupid, Engagements, Chocolates, Cards, Hearts, Diamonds

Trivia Answer: 

1. 15% of U.S. women send themselves flowers on Valentine’s Day.

2. Teachers receive the most Valentine's Day cards, followed by kids, mothers and then sweethearts.

Word Search Answer:


  Newsletter written and edited by Debra Holland - February 2020

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