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January Newsletter

January 1st, 2020

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Welcome to the Fun Enterprises Monthly Newsletter

January 2020


Thank you!

As we begin the New Year, we'd like to take this opportunity to say thank you to the important people who have helped make this our 30th year in business. 

Our staff - We've had many employees come and go over the 30 years, but we've been lucky to have a great core staff that has been with us for a long time.  The entertainment business is not an easy one and working for FUN is not for everyone. So, thank you for everything you do, day in and day out. We would never be here, in our 30th year, without all your hard work, commitment and dedication to the company and our clients. 

Our Clients - Thank you for believing in us, year after year, for letting us know when we do a great job and when we need to improve, for thinking of us for those special moments that happen in your lives and trusting us to be there for such occasions. 

Our Vendors - Thank you for all your hard work and dedication on behalf of Fun Enterprises.  We can offer a multitude of programs and specialty items to our clients because of the great partnerships like yours. 

 Happy New Year!

Now that the busy holiday season is in the rear view, we turn our focus to the New Year and the anticipation of a new beginning.  It's exciting looking at the year ahead and seeing ourselves in a potential new place in life. Most of us want to lose weight, save money, exercise more, etc., but what about at work?  Do you make resolutions for your work life?  What can you resolve to do better at work?  Although it's perfectly fine to do this on your own, you don't have to limit it to yourself. Encourage your staff or co-workers too! Start an office weight loss program, a group exercise class or charitable endeavor like hats and mittens for kids, socks for the homeless or school supplies donations. Perhaps you're motivated more towards completing that project you never have time for, delegating more effectively, or simply saying NO more often. Whichever resolution is right for you, remember, the possibilities are endless.   

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Spring Semester

No one wants to think about Spring Semester just yet, but it's coming soon, and a little prep now can go a long way in helping get through the semester on top.  

First, think about what worked and what didn't work last semester. Be honest with yourself and really think about why things may have happened the way they did.  Do you need to make some changes? Is your GPA where you want it to be? Remember, we all want to have some fun, and college is about finding yourself as well as education, but you must learn to balance your time and set yourself up for success. 

Make a plan to help yourself succeed.  Perhaps a few more hours in the library each week or joining a study group would bring you to where you want to be.  If you struggled with a class last semester and you are taking the next level this semester, perhaps lining up a tutor to get yourself off to a good start. Don't wait until things get overwhelming before you ask for help.

Look at your new schedule, order your books, ordering early makes life easier and sometimes cheaper.  Read through the syllabus and become familiar with the textbook to make sure you're ready for all your classes.

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Snapshots of 30 years

by Ken Abrahams


We are aware that the 2019 holiday season is in the books, but we thought it might be fun to look back at some memorable events we have done in years past. Holiday parties are always interesting and throughout our history they have provided some memorable stories. In almost 30 years of doing these events, we have seen parties that would make Santa’s Naughty list and of course his nice list as well. Here are just a few of the more memorable events. Just like Dragnet some of the names have been changed or omitted to protect the innocent as well as the guilty.

For those that are over the age of 40 and have lived in New England for much of that time, you will surely remember the name Bradlees. They were a department store like Target, before Target was a household name. For several years, they had been a client of ours and we had done some in store promotions, Holiday Events, and store openings. This particular year, we were providing entertainment at their employee holiday party at their corporate headquarters. Shortly after loading in and beginning to set up, it was announced that the company was going bankrupt and shortly after the New Year would be ceasing operations and closing all their stores. We stood there looking at one another, trying to figure out what we should do. It was years ago, but as I recall they kind of said what the heck and had the party anyway. That was an interesting day.

It was not the only party like that we have been involved in. In the first year we were open, we had been contracted by an insurance company in Massachusetts to provide caricatures for their holiday party. Shortly before the party, it was announced that the company was pulling out of Massachusetts and that everyone was being let go. We found all of this out the next day when the artist who did the function called the office to report on how the job went. As you can well imagine, there were more than a few very drunk people at that event. It was, to say the least, not a Merry Christmas for that crew.

Drunk people, unfortunately, are part of many office Holiday celebrations and many of our staff could regale you for hours with their stories of less than stellar behavior. Especially when we cut off the lines for caricatures or photo programs, those whose judgment has been clouded by a few adult beverages can get a little cantankerous. More than once we have heard that famous line “Don’t you know who I am?” It is not as rare as one might think that at the end of the night a party goer, who was feeling no pain, has tried to bully our staff into “just one more photo or drawing” and seen their ire rise when they are rebuffed. We have also witnessed some of the offenders being tapped on their shoulder by a company executive extending them an invitation to come to the executive’s office first thing in the morning. We have often wondered if some of those individuals started the year unemployed.

One of the first holiday parties we did was at an OB/GYN Office. We knew the night was going to be strange but when we arrived, in the middle of the office, was a beautifully decorated buffet table. There was gorgeous linen draped over it and a stunning display of goodies reminiscent of the offerings from the holiday party scene from the movie Trading Places. Things took a turn when we realized that the buffet table was an actual exam table complete with stirrups.  If that wasn’t strange enough, we were doing antique photos that night and the space provided was way too small.  We had to set up the costumes, props, and processing in a stairwell. People that are familiar with the company, now know where the expression “if we can do Antique Photos in a stairwell, we can do it anywhere” comes from.  

Along with some of the crazy events we have done, we have also been part of some truly wonderful events. We have had the pleasure of working with several Boys and Girls clubs in the Boston area and have provided Christmas cheer for a wide range of disadvantaged children, some who are living in shelters or who are completely homeless. It is an interesting time of year for us as we work with corporations and individuals that have riches they cannot even keep track of, whose parties are a testament to excess, and then, a day later, we are trying to put a little cheer in the lives of people that don’t have a roof over their heads or any idea where their next meal is coming from.

Reading this in January, the holidays are over but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t need in many areas. Food banks, shelters and any number of other organizations need help year-round. Help can be in the form of money, products or simply volunteering your time. When I started this blog there was not even a sliver of a thought that this was going to end with a pitch to help those less fortunate than you. Truth be told, it is not a bad thing at all. Hopefully, you had a great holiday season full of celebration with family and friends. We wish you all a great 2020 and of course if you have something to celebrate, don’t forget to give us a call.

About the author:

Ken Abrahams has been doing holiday parties for a long time and has seen his fair share of good, bad and ugly behavior. He has also been part of many amazing events and has met some incredible people. He carries on his mother’s belief that regardless of how bad things are with you, somebody is in a much worse position and we need to help those less fortunate. How many people can say that Mark Wahlberg has sat on their lap twice? HO HO HO!

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If you've already set your New Year's resolutions, here's some things to think about to keep them fresh and achievable.

1. Focus on a SPECIFIC action!

  • While general statements are common, they can't last the whole year through unless they are rooted to simple and specific actions you can remember to do. For example, the problem with a resolution that says: "To Save Money" is that does not state the actual way you'll go about "saving money."  A more specific statement, clearly outlining the action produces a better resolution: "To set up an automatic deduction of 50 per week to go to savings" or "To save money by eating out only once per week."

2. Give them a DEADLINE!

  • Often, we lose motivation after we state our resolution – this is because there's no urgency. When we add a deadline date to our resolutions, we get the clock ticking which increases the feeling of urgency and therefore motivates the attempt to achieve them. Here's an example: instead of resolving "To lose weight" a better choice is: "To join Weight Watchers to lose two pounds a week through March 20!" (which would be about 20 pounds if you made this resolution mid-January!) You'll note that the better resolution is not only specific -- but has a real timeline!

3. Stick 'em up!                            

  • The research indicates that writing resolutions down and posting them in a place where we'll see them frequently will increase the chances of actually achieving them. Here are some innovative ways you might choose to "Stick 'em up:"
    • Posting them on the ceiling over your bed
    • Taping them to your bathroom mirror
    • Setting your e-mail and/or "reminders" on your phone to send them at regular intervals.

Adding detail, deadlines and keeping your resolutions in front you are small things to do that yield big results in making New Year's Resolutions stick!  I wish you all not only the most success in setting and keeping your resolutions but in having the best 2020 possible!

View my television segment from WFSB-TV's "Better Connecticut" which addresses this topic. 

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Santa with Rocky the Goat of the Enchanted Animal Parties of Groton


We need Artists and Event Staff - Pass the word!

We are looking for full and part time event staff. Candidates should be personable, enthusiastic individuals with a strong work ethic and a commitment to customer service.

  • High School Diploma or GED Certificate is preferred.
  • Must be personable, hardworking and able to work independently.
  • Strong customer service orientation.
  • Strong attention to detail and follow through.
  • Proven proficiency in the use of computer equipment/applications.
  • Ability to communicate clearly and concisely in written and verbal formats.
  • Punctual for all jobs and assignments.
  • Be able to lift 40 lbs. and stand up for prolonged periods of time.
  • Must have a valid driver’s license, reliable vehicle and a clean driving record.

Please send inquiries to: [email protected]

Really Random Trivia 

1. The first New Year's Eve party in Times Square occurred in what year?

2. The first Time Square Ball dropped a few years after the New Year's Eve party began, how many lights did it have?

See below for the answer 




Trivia Answer: 

1. The first New Year's Eve party in Times Square occurred in 1904, and was a celebration of The New York Times's new headquarters, the Times Square official website states. At the time, the Times tower was the second-tallest building in Manhattan. The celebration involved a street festival that lasted all day, which ended in a show of fireworks. More than 200,000 people were in attendance.

2. In 1907 the first New Year's Eve Ball was made of iron and wood and adorned with one hundred 25-watt light bulbs, was 5 feet in diameter and weighed 700 pounds.


Word Search Answer:


  Newsletter written and edited by Debra Holland - January 2020

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