WTF – You’ll only have FUN when…

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This past weekend I got to work with the Fun Artists at Stonehill College’s Spring Weekend 2014. I love the excitement and free spirit college kids have when it comes to having fun. As I watched them participate in the photo booth, henna and airbrush tattoos, I thought…WOW, how different this becomes as we get older. We leave college to “set the world on fire” and sometimes we end up “set in our ways”. We get up, we make coffee, maybe go to the gym, off to work, come back home, make dinner and then rest after a long day. They tend to repeat over and over again.

Sometimes you have to break out of the cycle and just do something FUN, exciting and refreshing! Be silly, be spontaneous, throw caution to the wind…(oh my GOD, I just dated myself). Try a different type of food, visit a museum, volunteer for a cause, ride a bike, do a cartwheel, pay it forward – buy someone a cup of coffee and wait to see their reaction.

What ever makes you happy…do it! You’ll only have fun when you let yourself go!


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Tricia White