WTF – Take Advantage of a Click Moment

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Back in November of 2012, I had the opportunity to hear Frans Johansson, author of The Click Moment, speak at the Babson Entrepreneurship Forum. What he talked about was “success is random but randomness is ours to control.” Sometimes things happen and we choose to take a chance, with a situation or moment, or we walk away never knowing if that was our moment of opportunity.

Almost 7 years ago, I took advantage of a network called LinkedIn. I started using it because I was looking for a new job and I liked that I could keep all my connections and business contacts in one place. Not many people were using it, and I took a chance on joining to investigate what it really did. Not long after that, I began working for the MA Small Business Development Center and used LinkedIn to try and build a base of clients. I knew many people didn’t know what LinkedIn was or how to really use it. I began teaching a class about LinkedIn, in the local chamber of commerces, teaching people how to best use and navigate the network. That grew into my learning how to use Facebook and then Twitter. As different networks became more popular, I began to learn strategies for each network and how to apply them to small business. I began to blog, learned about Google business tools and search engine optimization. I was becoming more well rounded in social media marketing and today, I teach social media marketing skills to small businesses.

Why did I tell you this story? Because I took advantage of a situation and decided to follow it through. When people said social media was a fad and that it wouldn’t last, I kept pushing through – learning more and more about social media marketing and engagement. I learned that when you engage in these networks on a regular basis, it can produce amazing results or more “click” moments. Today, along with working for FUN, I have a food blog that reaches 7500-9000 people per month, 2500+ fans on Facebook, 2000 Twitter followers, 28,500+ followers and 7000 followers on Pinterest – I know numbers aren’t everything, but you need active participation to share information about your products and services. These numbers aren’t bad for a part-time food blogger, with a little marketing and engagement, you can have a following.

Over the past two years, I have had a few, what we sometimes call, “Oprah Moments” which can be similar to a click moment. An Oprah moment is when someone of importance mentions a product or service and because of the influence they possess, people believe their recommendation and investigate the claim. This can result in more purchases, new customers and people joining business and personal networks on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest.

Mine started with a Pig in the Mud Cake (as seen above). I posted a picture of a Pig Cake on my Facebook Fan Page. It was a picture from Flikr which had no story or information on the cake. What started as a simple “Isn’t this cute?” expecting 2 likes and 3 comments, it went slightly viral, with people asking for the recipe. I panicked because it wasn’t my cake, but the cake looked easy enough to make, so I created my own version of the “pig cake“. It got me 1200 new Facebook followers and over 3000 additional visits to my website per month. I could have sat back and just let people ask the question, “Where can I find the recipe?” but instead I created the cake and gave them what they wanted. Just recently, I had a Pinterest Board called Sangria which again went slightly viral. I went from 600 people following me to 7000. Not bad in a 2 week time period, but I took advantage of a moment and decided to see how far it would take me. When I recognized the Sangria Board was gaining pins and followers, I started pinning more and more Sangria recipes. The more recipes I added to the board, the more followers I got. It is now beginning to slow down, but I was able to increase the pace of the board through pinning more Sangria recipes.

So, some words of advise –

Look at some of your opportunities and see if you can move them to the next level. Sometimes as a person or a small business owner, you have to try something over a period of time before it works. That means you have to be consistent…not a day, not a week, maybe 3 months, maybe a year. Sometimes, things like social media marketing and engagement take time, it’s not an instant gratification, but when that instant gratification happens, take advantage of the click moment.


By Tricia White