WTF – Put a Smile on Your Face

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When we first started WTF – What the FUN Tip of the Day, I asked the FUN Enterprises staff to give me suggestions on topics I might be able to use. Kim, who works with the event schedule, sent me a great link called How to have FUN like a Child. In the article, the fifth insight was that children smile 27 times more than adults. Children smile 400 times a day, to an adult smiling only 15 times. Smiling was the catalyst to having FUN. That says quite a bit about our ability to have fun as an adult. Many people will argue that they have more responsibility than children which makes life more stressful. OK…I can buy into that, but do we become fun anchors as we get older? When was the last time you (as an adult) went out and had FUN? Experienced something amazing or delicious? Something that put a smile on your face. Think about it, how often did you smile when you were younger? I smile thinking about the people I grew up with.

What got me thinking about smiling was an event I worked last week. Fun Enterprises was helping Bunker Hill Community College with their Spring Day on May 8, 2014. It was an event celebrating the last few days before the semester was over. There were caricature and henna tattoo artists, spin art frisbee and sun glasses, airbrush artists who were painting trucker hats, green screen photos and a bead table to make your own bracelets. I was working the bead table and helping students and families string assorted beads onto rubber and hemp string. It was very interesting to see the intensity on their faces which turned into joy as they completed their bracelets. As much as it seems like a simple task, people were very particular about their design. Some was what I call “free for all”. They would choose all different beads to create their own masterpiece. Others had a strict design in mind using selected beads and placing them strategically so they created a pattern or design.

The best part of of the day was when they handed the bracelet to me so I could close it and put on the final clasp. As I tied it off, I would then place it on their wrist. That was when I saw the greatest smiles. People were so proud of what they created, they were admiring and spinning it on their wrist. As they walked away they were still smiling.

I guess it tied in perfectly to Kim’s original article. Stringing beads is FUN! Kids as well as adults love the activity. The result was a smile ultimately the catalyst to having fun. I know I smiled all day watching people enjoy themselves. Whether you are having FUN or helping people have FUN – Put a smile on your face…it goes a long way!

By Tricia White