WTF – Learn Something New

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Over 5 years ago, I left my job as a marketing specialist for a local credit union and went to work for the MSBDC – Massachusetts Small Business Development. During my time with the MSBDC, I was given opportunities to learn about different parts of business from quick and easy break even formulas and loan programs to branding and social media marketing through association conferences and webinars. The reason we attended these events was because we were required to have 24 hours of professional development per year in areas related to our business advising.

I consider myself a lifelong learner. I am usually up for the challenge of learning something new especially if it helps me in my job or I can apply it to my everyday life. Because of these opportunities, I received more than 100+ hours of training in social media marketing. Though I have a marketing background, this training enhanced my skills immensely. The number of hours I trained was then multiplied by the number of hours I spent enhancing that skill, probably another 200-300 hours. Education and training gave me the knowledge, practice gave me the skill.

I will be forever grateful for those opportunities. They have allowed me to teach and become a regionally known resource in a number of areas of social media marketing. My training allowed me to enhance my marketing skills in the areas of: branding, graphic design, website creation and coding, blogging and storytelling, social media engagement, search engine optimization, analytics and speaking engagements. Even though I have left the MSBDC – I still take advantage of opportunities to learn something new. Just yesterday I attended a free Modern Marketing Tour #MMT14 in Boston offered through Oracle. It’s amazing the amount of information I learned in 6 hours. It was everything from AH-HA moments to new skills I can apply at Fun Enterprises.

My advice:

1. Take advantage of opportunities to enhance a skill you have. You can only get better at a new skill with knowledge and practice. I can’t wait to apply some of the concepts I learned from the #MMT2014. I know it will positively affect the work I do at Fun Enterprises.

2. Read articles, watch video, attend seminars and conferences – learning in a new environment can heighten your excitement. I love when I can attend a conference, especially in Boston. I don’t get in there often and love walking around the city before and after the event.

3. Become a resource to people surrounding that skill. Start a blog, write an article, teach a class, help an associate, it gives you credibility.

Never miss out on an opportunity to learn something new – there truly are life long benefits.

By Tricia White