WTF – Know Your Multiple Personalities

team work, collaboration, FUN

Meet Jack Lank, Susan Finn and Tammi Jacobsen. They are part of my multiple personalities team. Over the past 5 years, we have all worked together in different capacities to help support each other’s businesses and ventures. For quite a while, we have been consistently commenting, liking and sharing each other’s content across different social media platforms. We share tips during the week, laugh about Hump Day and throw back funny scenarios during #TBT (Throw Back Thursday). For the most part, we don’t ask for people to participate and share, it just happens. The reason why I call them my multiple personalities team is because beside our own persona online, we represent other companies. We constantly move back and forth between our company voice and our personal voice. Sound a bit confusing? Let me explain. First, let me tell you who they are and then I’ll tell you why it works.

  • Jack Lank is the President of the United Regional Chamber, it is a regional business organization that helps small businesses through education, legislation, networking and collaboration with community organizations. Jack has his own personal brand on Facebook and Twitter, he combines that with United Regional Chamber’s brand on the same networks.
  • Susan Finn is the owner of Susan Finn On-Line and founder of the Women’s Business Network. Susan manages social media campaigns for small business owners. B&M Catering and School on Wheel are two businesses she represents on-line. Susan manages a number of company brands and because she is a networker and a resource, she moves effortlessly across platforms.
  • Tammi Jacobsen is the Program Coordinator for the Workforce Education Resource Center (WERC) at Cape Cod Community College. Tammi worked and taught with me at the MSBDC. She teaches businesses the importance of an online presence. She is also an avid blogger and the owner of Gracie’s Bark, a purely dog blog.
  • Lastly is me, I work for Fun Enterprises, managing their brand. I, too, have been teaching social media strategies to small businesses for a number of  years. I am also a food blogger for my company, Friends Food Family.

So, if you add this all up, there are 4 people with 9 different accounts (or personalities) who can share information with their audience, if they think it is appropriate. That means, sometimes you share things, some times you don’t. So, why does this concept work?

  • We are comfortable in our own personal brand as well as our business brand. We comment, like and share information very naturally across many networks.
  • We understand each others personal and business brands. If you asked us about each other’s brand, we would tell you we know it as well as our own.
  • We understand our demographic. We recognize what our audience engages with and what they don’t.

What can you do to build a group of multiple personalities? First, look at a few of your business associates, are there commonalities between you? Do they use social media? Do they use some of the same networks? Are their demographics or target audience similar? Are they comfortable sharing information? Are you? Second, sit down and have a conversation with them. Look at ways you might be able to help each other…liking posts, sharing information, commenting, guest blogging. Lastly, follow through. If you start engaging with each other, it will begin to feel natural and over time, productive. Social engagement doesn’t happen overnight. Start working on it now. Follow us (all social links are available through the linked websites up above) on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, Instagram and Pinterest. Watch how we engage with each other. By working as a team, the work of one becomes a success with many; marketing through collaboration.

It’s amazing what you can accomplish with some multiple personalities. #multiplepersonalities.

By Tricia White