WTF – Find Your Place of Peace


If someone asked, what is relaxing to you? Where do you find your peace (and quiet)? What would your answer be? Some will tell you, laying on a beach, reading a good book, taking a walk or even a great massage. Others will tell you, playing a slot machine at a casino, playing a video game, or playing candy crush! Finding the ability to relax means different things to different people.

Today, there is little down time in our lives. We don’t have that one day off. Everything is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Years ago, television stations signed off and stores weren’t open on Sundays. People took time to worship and be with their families. Ask anyone – Sunday was the longest day of the week. Now, we go to work on Monday to relax…that is how busy we on on the weekend. A few years back, I listened to a webinar that talked about taking 10 minutes out of every day to find some peace. It could be in the shower, over a cup of coffee or even taking ten minutes before you go to bed. Rest your body, rest your mind.

We all look at relaxation (or finding peace) in different ways –

1. Physical – Whether it is working out, walking with a friend, dancing to your favorite song or planting in the garden, it allows you to sweat, increase your heart rate, breathe some fresh air and/or get your hands dirty.

2. Holistic – Sometimes relaxation can be in the form of a meditation, yoga, massage, Reiki, or acupuncture. The ability to relax in quiet, leaving the cares of the world behind. Just breathe…

3. Mental – The challenge of getting your mind to do something different. Some people like video games, others will play board games and some like brain teasers or puzzles. When you think about the repetition in your average day, this can get you to use other parts of your brain.

4. Togetherness – Being with family and friends: watching a movie, telling stories around a fire, baking cookies, or sipping a cup of hot chocolate. Enjoying the moment and being part of an experience.

Take time out of your day. Give yourself 10 minutes (or more!) and find your place of peace.

By Tricia White