Working with Suffolk University’s Help Portrait Program

Yesterday, Suffolk University’s Journey Leadership Program posted this video about their Help Portrait Program 2013. This program takes Suffolk University students into an underprivileged community center or school and provide the children with a special photo session. They make make the kids feel special bringing props and services so they can have a personalized gift for their parents and or guardians during the holiday season. Not only do they get full portraits, but they also get fun photo booth images. The pictures were taken, developed and printed by Fun Enterprises with the help of owner, Ken Abrahams, who worked as the photographer.

This is the second year Fun Enterprises has participated in the Help Portrait Program and hope to continue in the future. “This is a really amazing project”, say Ken, “Anything we can do to help pay-it-forward.”

For more information on the Journey Leadership Program – Click Here.

By Tricia White