Welcome to the NEW FUN Enterprises Website!

A little over two years ago, FUN launched a new website. It’s amazing how excited you are when you launch a new website, only to find it’s like driving a new car off the auto dealer’s lot; it starts to depreciate immediately. Within a short period of time technology changes and it’s not mobile friendly, loads slowly or looks outdated.

This past summer, we spent 12 weeks putting together a new FUN Enterprises website. Looking at the old site, it was lacking in a number of different areas; design, functionality, content, visual appeal, responsiveness and more. As an example: for the 150+ products and services we have available to our clients, you could only see about 20 of them and they were only visible as a fairly small thumbnail. Also, there wasn’t enough content on the site to identify what we really did. Here were some of the major issues we faced:

1. Dark Website – For those who remember, the FUN Enterprises website was black and very dark. I do understand that we are in the entertainment business and many entertainment sites are set in black backgrounds but we are FUN! We are bright orange and blue. We need to have some brightness and color.

2. Visual Needs – people want to see what our experiences will look like. When you speak with us on the phone and we mention a photo program or an airbrush program, do you understand what we are talking about? Can you visualize what we can do to help you create a memorable experience?

3. Mobile Friendly – the old website wasn’t responsive. It didn’t look good on a smartphone. Not the greatest client first impression.

4. Better Search Engine Optimization – Many of the images on the old website weren’t named, meaning they showed up as an IMG0001. The search engines don’t know what the picture is – no description. Also, there was very basic SEO options for the site.

Now, we have some exciting things to show you!

1. Color and Brightness – A majority of the site is in white and orange. Nice and bright, easy to navigate along with lots of pictures. As we are finishing up the last of the pages. We are trying to make sure you can tell just by our pictures some of the things we do.

2. Pictures, Pictures and more Pictures! We uploaded and named over 1000 images. We felt it was really important for people to be able to see what they get when they hire FUN for their event.

Airbrushed Flat Brim Hats, Student Activities, FUN Enterprises guitar picks, photo program, FUN Enterprises Michael Miller, Leadership. Speaker caricatures, college events, FUN Enterprises

3. We are MOBILE FRIENDLY! Go ahead… grab your smartphone and check us out! Click on CONTACT and you can call us without dialing!  So easy!

4. We are working hard to get better search engine optimization. “All the better to see you with” – we want to come up on some significant searches, but, that takes time. We are working to get there…and writing blog articles, like this one, help.

Lastly, thank you for reading this article. We ask that you look through our entire site and tell us what you think. Leave a message (below) and tell us which program you like the best! Your name will then be added to our “new site” drawing.

On October 31st, we will be choosing two people to win:

1. An 11×14 professional caricature – Check it out in our online shop.

2. An airbrush package of: 1. Winter Hat 2. Fleece Scarf 3. Fleece Blanket – You give us a name and color choices and we will airbrush your products.

We would also like to say THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! to Erin Sweeney and Erin Sweeney Design who designed the site for us. She is helping us with a number of sites and we can’t say enough GREAT things about her! She’s AMAZING!


Tricia White