Top 5 Valentine’s Day Entertainment Ideas for Colleges

We are three weeks away from celebrating Valentine’s Day. This year, it falls on a Saturday which can be perfect for a student activities program. Being in college and celebrating Valentine’s can be two-fold. You either have a significant or your don’t, but why not give students a way to celebrate with LOVE, personalization and a little bit of humor.

Top 5 Valentine’s Day Entertainment Ideas for Colleges

1. Valentine’s Photo Green Screen Postcards – We will create both loving and sarcastic green screen designs which will allow students and have fun with their opinion of Valentine’s Day. We have a number of funny designs including cupid as well as cupid being shot. Laugh up Valentine’s Day with pictures to remember.

2. Personalized Airbrushed Winter Hats – Let your students choose their own design for their name as well as the colors. Our talented artists will freestyle graffiti on the hats. This programs is great for two reasons: 1. Watching the artists create a design is entertaining. 2. Getting a personalized product to take home…priceless!

Airbrushed Winter Hats, FUN Enterprises airbrushed hats, airbrush products, winter hats, FUN Enterprises

3. Photo Snowflakes – Whether it’s cold or warm where you are located, our photo snowflake program continues long after the holidays. These clear plastic framed snowflakes make great holders for entertaining photos. Students LOVE them.

Photo Snowflakes for College Students, Activities, FUN Enterprises Photo Snowflake Ornaments, FUN Enterprises, College Activities

4. Photo Candy Boxes – So SWEET for Valentine’s Day. You can buy a box of candy, but can you put your photo on the box? Truly unique, have FUN being the feature on the box.

Candy Box Photos, FUN Enterprises, College Events candy box photo program, FUN Enterprises, Senior All Night Parties

5. Caricatures – What could be better than a photo? How about a caricature? Artists will draw participants with oversized features in themed attire making for an entertaining afternoon or evening. Like the airbrush artists, people love watching caricature artists bring figures to life. Fun to watch, more fun to take home. Caricatures can be created in black and white, color and airbrush.

caricatures, college activities, FUN Enterprises caricatures, carticaturists, FUN Enterprises Airbrush Caricatures, FUN Enterprises, college activites

These ideas were generated by the programs that are most requested by our colleges and universities during this season. Feel free to check out all the FUN programs that we can adapt for your Valentine’s themed event or activity. We want your program to be unique and exciting for your students and attendees.

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