The Mystery Lounge – Comedy and Magic

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 The Mystery Lounge – Comedy and Magic

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The Mystery Lounge is one of the nation’s longest running and most celebrated magic and comedy shows.

The Mystery Lounge is an ensemble of great entertainers: Steve Kradolfer, Jon Stetson, David Oliver, Mike Bent, Bob Riordan and Joe Howard.

Currently entering it’s 19th season of ensemble performance, The Mystery Lounge is heralded by:

WCVB’s Chronicle as “A GREAT place to be mind boggled and entertained!”

The Boston Globe wrote “Amazing, Wacky and FUN”

Quoting the New York Times, ” Enthralling!”

Industry trade publication MAGIC Magazine said “Fantastic… the audience literally screamed and rubbed their eyes in disbelief!”

The Mystery Lounge is a multi-performer show featuring smart entertainment for a smart crowd or event. Using sleight of hand and theatrical magic along with comic wit, the show is designed to make the audience gasp, laugh and feel personally involved in the program.

Some of the cast will perform in one, while other members will bring audience members forward to share in the fun. The tempo is upbeat and the comedy ranges from the outrageous to the subtle.

The Mystery Lounge WILL help to make your event the one that’s talked about long after the evening ends.

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