Team Building with Furry Friends Forever

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Create a team assembly line that fills all roles listed below that will be stuff, create a shirt, dress, and name as many of our furry friends in the time allotted.

Assembly Line Roles:

(A) Initial Inspection – All furry friends must be checked for no holes, enclosure works, and no lint. Each furry friend needs a star to be placed inside it as well. Then passed to the next station.

(B) Aerate – Using 5 foil tins, take the stuffing out of the box and make sure to aerate the stuffing to get it fluffy and ready to be stuffed by next station. Pass both furry friends and aerated stuffing to next station.

(C) Stuffing – Be sure to stuff the furry friend completely. (Not to hard….Not to squishy….) Pass to next station.

(D) T-Shirt Decorating – Need to create/decorate a t-shirt for each furry friend that includes one inspirational word on the front. Pass 1 furry friend and 1 custom t-shirt at a time to next station.

(E) Birth Certificate – Need to fill out an original birth certificate completely for each furry friend. Be sure it takes into account the inspirational word on the t-shirt as well. ALL FURRY FRIENDS MUST BE HUGGED before giving to our Quality Control Inspector who will be check each friend and pass to final group. Any issues will be returned to prior station.

(F) Packing – Each furry friend and birth certificate will be placed into a clear plastic bag and tied with ribbon. Once completed place in your team’s box.


We would like 5 sets of (6) – 6 foot tables all in one line, all connecting. We will place all materials needed neatly beneath the first table and it will be up to each team to create a building system. Our assistant will stand just before the last 6 foot table to check animals before they are put into clear bags. 

Estimated time line:

5 minutes – Introduction to event, teams split up and icebreaker. 10 minutes – Trivia game to decide who will be first to pick their animal. 5 minutes – Go over rules and objectives. 20 minutes – Relay is played. 5 minutes – Wrap-up.

Quality Over Competition:

Yes, this is a competition, but please remember that we do have end clients who will receive your product. Complete, well stuffed, well dressed, and a positive message to children will mean more than just saying you won!!

For more information on this team building program, call AC Anders at 781-436-3187 or