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We’re Not Clowning Around Team Builders

First split the group into 10 teams of 10 the more evenly split the better although the races and relays will be handicapped to make it fair and even for all the teams. We have created a number of different skills challenges for your group. Our suggestion is for you to pick 5 different skills. Each skill station would handle 1 group at a time with appropriate supervision, materials and staffing. We have tried to blend activity with entertainment in each area, and have included a competition that is objectively measured (timed).

How the program flows is that we have all groups start at the same time at the five different stations. The five groups will rotates every 10 minutes so that they each attend a training session. After all groups have been trained they all will participate in the timed competition at the same time.

  1. Juggling – Just like at your job you have to keep lots of stuff in the air and not let it fall. For the novice clown we have included scarves so no one gets hurt. Each team will get to practice the scarf juggling and then we will do a timed competition where all the participants from a team will juggle at the same time. When a player drops a scarf or looses control of his scarf he must sit down, we will time from the start of the juggling until the last person sits down. The team with the longest time wins.
  1. Balloon Animals- The staple of any clown. Our Balloonists will instruct the participants will teach everyone the basics of balloon twisting. Then each team will have to build a balloon house large enough for the entire team to get into. The fastest time wins.
  1. Face Painting – Our relay face painting begins with a brief demonstration of the art form by our trained staff. Then each team member will have to paint the face of the person behind him or her. We will give each team 2 designs; teams will have to alternate designs from one player to the next.
  1. The Clown Costume Dress and Undress relay – Each team will have to get into and out of our clown costumes as fast as they can. The team that can dress the fastest wins.
  1. Yard Stick Balancing – Each team member would balance a yard stick straight up and down in the palm of their hands. They would then hand the yard stick off to the next person in line. Fastest time wins.

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Team Building with Clown College – More ways to have FUN!