Off Season Pricing for FUN Entertainment

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With everyone trying to keep an eye on finances lately, it’s not uncommon for people to look for off season pricing to save some money. This is a well-known practice in the travel industry, but the idea of looking for a way to save money has also worked its way into the event planning world. When looking for a venue one of the best ways to spend wisely is to take advantage of lower rates that may be offered for week nights or afternoons. In the month of June when graduation parties are rampant, and there is at least one every weekend, we found that because we booked our event on a Tuesday night the venue gave us an extra hour for free. This is also popular for wedding venues, during a recent conversation someone remarked that of the 4 weddings they were invited to this summer, 3 of them were on Friday nights.  And I know from my daughter’s  wedding that it is a great way to get the venue you want, while helping to stick to your budget. What is true for venues may also be true for vendors and while each industry is different, it never hurts to ask whether your vendor has any specials that reflect their off season.  In doing so, it allows them to keep busy and you to keep on budget.