Photo Flippy Flyers

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photo program, flippy flyers, student events, FUN Enterprises FUN Enterprises, flippy flyers, photo program, FUN Enterprises

We, at FUN Enterprises, are always looking for new and exciting programs which will help your guests (whether students, friends, employees, clients or customers) remember your event. We can take photos at your event and place them on Flippy Flyers, along with your logo or brand. These photo flippy flyers are made of white, flexible nylon and can be folded into a small compact case which makes them easy to carry. They are lightweight and can be flown inside and out. Whether in the house, dorm, office or down by the beach, these Photo Flippy Flyers will create hours of FUN, as well as a remembrance of here they were when the photo was taken. These are also available as Airbrushed Flippy Flyers. We make it easy! We make it FUN!