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Team Building Games

GAME SHOW MANIA – Based on the Jeopardy television show! Game Show Mania tests players’ knowledge with a series of trivia questions on topics such as history, literature and pop culture. All of our questions have an audio clue to help you with the answer. Contestants play as teams or individuals, and you can supply some of your own questions, too. Game Show Mania includes a dynamic, engaging host. It is a fantasy comes true as you participate in a real game show. Game Show Mania is best when it plays 75-90 minutes.

This program includes three stand up podiums with microphones, lights and score display. Three people or teams play at once. We can split the group into teams; we like to keep team totals in multiples of 3. We custom design the rounds based on the number of people and how long you want the game to run.

We need a 10×10 foot area on a stage or riser if possible with stairs. One standard electrical outlet. Clear access to elevators if possible. We prefer 2 hours for set-up prior to anyone being in room.

SURVEY SAYS – Based on Family Feud, this game pits contestants against each other in a contest to name the most popular responses to survey questions. You can supply your own questions or use ours in this raucous game that is sure to delight the crowd as much as the contestants. Your high-energy show comes complete with a dynamic master of ceremonies, sound effects, music and animated “lock out” boxes – just like the real show. Survey Says is up to two hours.

It includes one video screen, side tables and Family Feud style podiums. We can split group into teams of five or up to eight, based on the numbers of guests. We like a 20×20 foot area, if possible on a riser or stage with stairs. We need one standard outlet plus clear access to elevators, if possible. We prefer 2 hours for set-up prior to anyone being in room.

IN IT TO WIN IT is one of the most popular corporate events, and with good reason. Teams compete with each other for the grand championship by competing in ten simple but nerve-wracking games using common household or office items. Challenges increase in difficulty as the game progresses, but the points increase as well. The catch – the time for each of these events is always the same – only 60 seconds on the clock! The pressure builds and team pride is on the line as participants race to achieve glory!

All teams take part in quick ‘training camp’ to practice challenges, such as ‘Moving on Up,’ ‘Bouncing George,’ and ‘Fishbowl’. Then, teams compete against the clock, accompanied by music and humorous commentary from our helpful and engaging master of ceremonies. Excitement, drama and competitive spirit are all part of the mix, as the challenges heat up, and the teams have a blast.

CORPORATE AMERICAN IDOL – Your team competes to show the judges that they were able to communicate their brand thru their logo, CD cover and performance of their customized song. The teams must decide how the jobs are divided but at least eight people must be in the performance. Each team will present their logo/brand/CD Cover artwork and then perform in front of four judges.

We provide:

  • Host
  • DJ/Karaoke system
  • Props to use during the performance
  • Craft supplies to use to create their CD cover artwork

We need:

  • Ten tables for the teams to work
  • Waste paper baskets
  • One six foot tables for he DJ
  • Four client managers or non-playing persons to be judges
  • Access to electricity for the DJ

Suggested additions to the program not included in the quote is a videographer and/or photographers to capture moments.

SINK OR SWIM – This program is based on the hit TV show Shark Tank, so your teams will identify a critical new idea or project for your company. The teams can make the idea company related or invent a brand new product. Then, they will work together to fully develop their concept. Then comes the test, how well will they do with “selling” their idea to the Sharks?

Teams will make brief, dynamic presentations to a board of “Sharks” in an attempt to garner support for their innovation, with the other teams in on the final decision. Shark Teams can be comprised of executives from your company, your staff or a combination based on the preference of the client. Best for groups 20-200.


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