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Are you looking for a psychic to entertain at your next event? We have several types of psychic entertainment available. These readings are meant for entertainment purposes. We have:

  • Tarot Card Readers – Card Readings
  • Gypsy Card Readers – Card Readings
  • Signature Analysis – Reading an analysis of a signature
  • Numerology – Participant tells the reader a date
  • Pendulum – Answers to questions are received through a swinging pendulum
  • Pyschometry – The reading of personal items
  • Feng Shui – Personal improvement through changing the design of a room

Create a FUN experience for your guests with a bit of creativity and intuition.

Boston’s Best Psychics and Tarot Card Readers! FUN Corporate Event Ideas!

(credits to Solare Wedding Photography and Sheraton Commander Hotel – Boston)

psychic readers, tarot cards, FUN Enterprises