Lyn Dillies – The Magic of Lyn

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magic-lyn-email_graphic_dillie_1-600px Lyn Dillies

Lyn Dillies is one of a handful of female illusionists in the world. She has received several awards, including the International Magicians Society Merlin Award, The Parent’s Choice Award, and The Dove Foundation Award, for her high standards in family entertainment. In July of 2013, Lyn Dillies was the first female illusionist to receive the prestigious Milbourne Christopher Award from the Society of American Magicians for excellence, creativity and contributing to the art of magic. Other recipients of the award from past years include David Copperfield, and Penn and Teller. It is the equivalent of a Golden Globe in the magic industry.

This is what you will hear from the audience after a performance from the Magic of Lyn – Amazing! Spectacular! Dynamic! These are the type of comments you will receive when you have Lyn Dillies at you next event. Bold choreography, captivating music and extraordinary talent ignite each of Lyn’s magical performances with energy and excitement. Lyn’s magic is ideal for audiences of all ages. Her electric and engaging performance showcases some of the most striking illusions in magic. Expect the unexpected with the Magic of Lyn.

Nationally and Internationally Known Female Magician