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 Ken Sprano – Zen of Ken

Ken Sprano, FUN Enterprises, Black Thumb Studio Ken Sprano, FUN Enterprises, Black Thumb Studio

Meet Zen of Ken – Ken Sprano “The Man of Many Hats”. Ken will entertain your guests with word games, puzzles and mind teasers. Some of his other specialties are juggling, spinning tops, yo-yos, and origami. Ken is known for his Games and Puzzles from Around the World as well as his amazing brain teasers. He’ll keep you entertained from the beginning to the end of your event. Check out his website. See Ken in action.

Ken Sprano as “The Yo-Yo Man”            

Everybody has seen Yo-Yo tricks but not like this. The Yo-Yo Man will take you to the outer limits of gyroscopic stability as you explore why this toy is loved the world over. The Yo-Yo Man will explain and demonstrate an array of tricks from walk the dog and around the world to some of the most complex and difficult tricks ever performed. In addition to Yo-Yos. The Yo-Yo Man will also demonstrate a wide variety of tricks with Spinning Tops, Juggling Balls, Devel Sticks, Japanese Kendoma, Chinese Dioblo, Astro Jacks, Chatter Rings, and Spinning Plates, This show is certain to grab your attention and spin you around.

Street Games                                                                            

Ken Sprano otherwise known as Quick Hands began specializing in games of chance when he realized that people have an extreme, inherent fascination with anything connected to gambling. The deck is always stacked against you when you play against the fastest hands in the West, East, North, and South. In playing the role of Quick Hands, Sprano never loses a bet. He is so sure of himself that he often supplies the money for the bets that the audience makes against him. Three Card Monte, Mississippi Poker, Dice Games, the $100 Dollar Bill Contest, dozens of Bar Bets, and the Old Fashion Shell and Pea Game are amoung his favorites. There is never a dull moment when Quick Hands is around.

Ken Sprano – One Man, Many Skills                                                                    

The talents of Ken Sprano have captivated audiences on four continents and hundreds of thousands of people. He has fascinated and delighted crowds for years with a range of skills matched by few, if any, performers in the world today. You will soon see why Ken Sprano has performed over 350 shows at one of Asia’s largest Theme Parks and for Disney’s Special Events as well as many of America’s largest Corporations.

GAMES AND PUZZLES FROM AROUND THE WORLD (BRAIN TEASERS) – Ken Sprano walks around interacting with your guests challenging them to word games, puzzles and mind teasers from around the world. Ken is fast becoming one of the most requested roving perforators!

Ken Sprano, Mr. Money, FUN Enterprises Ken Sprano, Entertainer, FUN Enterprises, Roving Magician

Boston’s BEST Entertainer – Ken Sprano