Jon Stetson – Mentalist

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America’s Master Mentalist

Jon Stetson Master Mentalist with FUN           thl_jstetson_11267124259 jon stetson, medium, master mindreader

Jon Stetson is a champion player of mind games. Jon began as a magician, but moved beyond the traditional trick and props of magic to explore the real mysteries of the human mind. Call him and “intuitionist”. He observes people’s patterns and steps inside their heads. He amazes guests with information they didn’t even know about themselves. He engages people in a psychic partnership that makes them the real stars of the show. The result is powerful, provocative, thrilling and new; better still, it’s funny! “I know what you are thinking…yes, I really do!”

“The Stetson Experience is intelligent, interactive, sophisticated fun.”

Interjecting uproarious comedy into each program, Jon creates a hilarious and unique presentation that never fails to blow the audience away. Stetson blends the art of mystery with the study of psychology, the predictability of human nature and the power of intuition, with a disarming sense of humor. The result is slack jawed amazement.

Jon Stetson’s engaging programs are packed with audience participation, imaginations are wowed, stretched and captured, as thoughts are revealed and minds are being read, with Jon’s intriguing games of mind to mind contact.

“Thought reading has never been so fun.”

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Nationally Recognized Master Mentalist and Corporate Entertainer.