Jim Spinnato – Hypnotist

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 Hypnotist and Comedian traveling throughout New England

Jim Spinnato, FUN Enterprises, hypnotist Jim Spinnato, Hypnotist, FUN Enterprises, High School Students Jim Spinnato, entertainer, FUN Enterprises

Jim Spinnato is a highly sought after hypnotist who combines talent and comedy for a hilarious “circus of the mind”. New England based, he is recognizable in nightclubs; colleges and high school all night parties.  Audiences can’t get enough of his hilarious commands that have participants singing, dancing and performing in “sleep mode”. Jim is unpredictable and his shows are a total surprise given the location as well as the hypnotized volunteers. Have you ever seen people cry from laughing so hard? You will with Jim’s hypnosis performances. Get the tissues out! See Jim in action.


Fun Promo from Jim Spinnato on Vimeo.

Colleges LOVE Jim Spinnato! Are your students having this much FUN?